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[SUGGESTION] new game modes

I have noticed there are some new gametypes in xonotic builds, notably onslaught and assault and they look nice Tongue

Is there any possibility of Double Domination ? I loved this in UT, it was incredibly intense.
One problem with nexuiz was that there were different modes but nobody played them ever. It was all DM/CTF + minsta.

Also, there is one particular thing i dislike about some CTF maps, their architecture and design is sometimes overcomplicated. Gasoline powered(Space Elevator) is one example, a lot of previously visible areas are obfuscated, it takes extra effort to get weapons (the position of grenade launcher is insane).
Another example is Newtonian Nightmare, where you cant use the jump pads that lead to the top of enemy flag, and also those destructible generators are nice (i like the idea of dynamic objects), but the thing is makes otherwise simple map very complex and I don't think players are going to enjoy shooting at generators.

The thing is that its a diversion from nexuiz where gameplay felt like there were no rules and that had a huge appeal, and I think people liked those simplistic crazy platform maps just because that, even though, there were problems where the entire team was nex-camping.

Another thing is vehicles. I think they are slightly incoherent. There is no way a player can fight them effectively and with the combination of turrets not having a vehicle is suicide. And their nubmers should be moderate,

Also, in red planet the render-to-texure monitors cause slowdowns, the game even tries to spawn that low fog.

Otherwise, I like the develompent.

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