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map progress report....

Here is my map (so far)

I have been working on it for the past 2 weeks...

The map is nowhere near done and needs a tone of detail work...
I am posting it here to ask if I am going in the right direction (am I making any terrible mistakes?)

Firstly the map is a medium deathmatch hovering in space (like dance) with hexagons as the main shape.

My questions.... (are these ok or a big nono)

-- the map has one spider vehicle in it
-- the map has nex rifle and minstanex.. is it bad to have all 3 and if not which one should stay
-- i have destructible boxes
-- portolaunch and grapple...
-- a heal point which can bring a players health up to 300
-- lots of ladders and stairs and bounces

Known problems... things I know are wrong that i will fix later
-- bounce to grenade launcher bounces too far (and too fast)
-- inside the building is too dark
-- square shadows around some lights

Things I need help with... that I cant figure out.

-- game_models (crates... lights...) dont have good collisions the player just moves right through them
i tried to just add an invisible rush around them but that makes them disappear at the wrong angles

-- wayponits.. how do i make them.. or add them.. i cant find any documentation or tutorials anywhere. All the bots do is sit still and wait for victims.


And here is my map file (all you need is the .map file right?)... any input would be very helpful.

Attached Files
.zip (Size: 101.68 KB / Downloads: 3)

I comment on the map later, but just that you know how to add waypoints for your map:
And to clip models use weapclip (weapon clip), it blocks everything like caulk but is invisble and doesn´t affect VIS.
Use "_lightmapscale 0.25" in the worldspawn properties to make shadows more detailed and "-filter" in the compile-settings to blur it (removes this "stairs-effect").

Or just select the model, press n, and check solid.

nowego4 Wrote:Or just select the model, press n, and check solid.
I don´t recommend this method. It forces to calculate the model in the BSP stage which costs a lot of time when compiling.

So your questions:
- the map has one spider vehicle in it -> Be careful with this! A vehicle can be very powerful and a map should be large enough so that you can move with a vehicle in it.
- the map has nex rifle and minstanex.. is it bad to have all 3 and if not which one should stay -> Minstanex in a normal deathmatch? Is this possible? If it is it will be a lot too powerful, so better remove it! A Nex and a Sniper-Rifle should suffice.
- i have destructible boxes -> nice! Smile
- portolaunch and grapple... -> I´m not sure whether they are helpful in a normal deathmatch. In a minsta-match the grapple is useful, yes, but only there, I think. And portolaunch, hmmmm, never used this thing and I never saw somebody using it.
- a heal point which can bring a players health up to 300 -> That should be tested ingame, I can´t say whether it is good or not. Just be sure that it doesn´t heal that fast.
- lots of ladders and stairs and bounces -> Why not? Smile Be sure that they are in the right places. They should be regular allotted in your map and ladders should be in a place where it actually makes sense.

Thanks for the input...

I got wayponits working Big Grin thanks Maddin

The map is big enough to hold a vehicle. but i am unsure about the power problem.

also the minstanex will kill the vehicle in one hit... thats the only reason i am cautious to take it out.
(yes minstanex can be in a normal deathmatch)

also the mistanex is slow to respawn (ad buried in destructible boxes)

grapple is a little helpful with its gravity bomb secondary
portolaunch is more of a toy but i haven't seen a single map with it (except the nexuiz eggs and bacon) so why not.

the destructible boxes work almost the same as the barrels in red planet (which i referenced to for making them... so i take no credit for designing their inner workings)

The healing center does heal pretty fast (i think ill slow it down)

oh and ignore the blocky shadows... i picked a really low build setting (and have my graphics turned down to "almost playable" in xonotic)

this is my current take on things... feel free to continue posting input and comments

Why won't you use misc_model instead? Flags 6 make it solid and lightmapped, and if the model itself is quite simple, it's the best way to clip it rather than building proper clip brushes manually.


It may look better, but you also have to think of the performance. Models usually have a high rate of detail and that can slow down many fps on non-gaming-computers when making them solid! You know they are made as models because they are as brushes to complicated. So be sure that you VIS-optimized your map when it´s going to be finished (or in beta)!

I'd say you should keep your maps to 2/3 very powerful things like the nex/minsta/vehicles/health. They are a serious tactical advantage.

I would say lose the minsta and the vehicle. They fit into more specific game modes and kinds of maps.

disclaimer: I haven't actually played the map, this is just going on instinct. Also, from the screenshot I'd say watch your texturing. Some of it look like its got a much higher scale than it should have.
Hey, want to learn to map? You might want to start here and here!


.jpg   xonotic000021.jpg (Size: 75.52 KB / Downloads: 137)
.jpg   xonotic000022.jpg (Size: 80.89 KB / Downloads: 139)

Ok... updated version...

Minsta nex is still in but hidden Big Grin can you find it?

the main floor now has an underground chamber...
Other things have been changed... detail has been added.

it is still unfinished.

Now I am worried that I am going the wrong direction with the structure of the level.

For example is the glass building too much glass?

If there are any other things that are bothering you please comment.

Attached Files
.zip (Size: 158.07 KB / Downloads: 7)

- soften the shadows (-samples 2 or -filter)
- What are these braces for? They look a bit out of place.
- I think the glass is ok.
- Vary the size of the crates and rotate some.
- In the first picture this big floor looks very empty. Maybe some grates, pipes, glass, ... whatever.
- And remove the Minstanex, although it is hidden. If you know the place then you take it and make tons of frags. I think it will be very annoying for players to play against one with a Minstanex in a normal DM or CTF.

2 questions

1 how many destructible objects is too many (for the server lag reason)

2 the minstanex is currently the only good counter for the vehicle.... should I take both out? or Is it possible to make both only spawn in the last 2 min of a standard 20 min match?

1. I totally would avoid destructible models because the problem is the clipping. It doesn´t remove when you destroy the object.

2. Remove them both! Minsta and vehicles definitely don´t fit in a normal DM.

what do you mean by clipping...

Yes bots don't understand how the destructible objects work but with players they work wonderfully
and all collisions are working perfectly... (at least they do in my 2 week old git build)

Have a look at the red-planet mapfile and also test the destructible models ingame (on red-planet), then you´ll see what I mean.

I looked again (redplanet is the map i referenced for how to make destructables in the first place)
and I dont have that problem

The destructible objects in my map are all one brush (cubes with a trak5 crate texture on them)
so once they are away there is no clip left behind... (as with redplanet the objects are models with an invisible (and separate) collision box around them )

Through an unfortunate events of a corrupted backup cd while exploring various linux ditros I have lost this map. The version I was working on was quite a bit more advanced that what was posted here. I am now debating whether or not to continue this map from the older version, or to start over with a new map.

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