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[SUGGESTION] Requests for the forum


  1. Forum for "Media"
  2. Remove "Planning", not used anyway!
  3. Merge "Community Contests" and "Tournaments"

(08-03-2011, 06:29 AM)Halogene Wrote:
(08-02-2011, 04:07 PM)Zetabyte Wrote: Also, this thread is a little cumbersome. I want to collaborate, but we need a better way to do so. At the very least a "Xonotic - Music & Audio" folder to have various threads going on.

Yes, a seperate forum subfolder seems to be reasonable. Anyone in charge able to do that?

From IRC:
<halogene> Can anyone create a "Music" subfolder in the Xonotic forums?
<halogene> there seems to be an increased activity on music contribution/collaboration threads lately, and it is not very easy to find all of them discussions with the current forum structure.
<Space_Man> the forums in "Planning" could be removed Tongue
My own opinion. Tongue Both are about the same stuff and it makes the forum a litlte bit less messy.

Obviously I agree on all 3 points, so now its up to you Admins. Smile

Cheers Heart

The music threads don't work... we need something better for that.

I simply don't know where all the music contributions are. They're hidden inside long threads, and are generally hard to find. Of others, the URLs are no longer reachable.

Should we really use a FORUM for this?
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Well obviously people like to discuss what they are working on, and like with unfa and maddin we already had some sort of collaboration on music stuff on this forum. Discussions like these are important, as they are an easy way to give feedback and to consequently improve what you are working on. Also feedback is highly motivating and can also be inspiring, which is also very important imho.

That being said, I would suggest to have the "official music submission thread" sticky in that subfolder, to use it ONLY for submissions in a pre-defined form (link to track, link to sources) and to move submissions that are being considered (not decided upon yet) for inclusion into Xonotic to the wiki, including sources so they don't get lost.

About the Community Contests and Tournaments I agree that they are kinda redundant.

Do we have a planning folder? Oh. I mainly access the forum through my rss reader...
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ill have my own section , with flashing lights and some cool sounds , plz thx Smile

then ill spam it with some really crappy tunes :p

also by what diverrent sed , they dont work , but they are popular , the only thing i can suggest is for some nerd to moderate the new section (if decided)
and that nerd to ensure he/she DOES THE JOB! (no excuses) Smile

but yes , music section is a requirement.


maybe some one opens a soundcloud account in the name of the game , BUT (BUTT)


bloody nerds...




I agree on the points you guys made. And I agree with Halogene that forums enable a nice collaboration between a musician and a mapper. Just been working that way with Maddin and I think it works nice.

Also a separate place for music & sound would be (figuratively) cool as hell. It could bring there more people, generate more feedback for the musicians (which is very important IMHO2) and make not good tracks get lost in a deep nowhere.

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I'll give this thread a little nudge.

Nudge nudge.
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t t



Sub Forum for Videos please Smile

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t t


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No need for Videos, there is General.
There are only like 1-2 bigger videos per year.

We also have all the other video's people post, gameplay, tutorials etc
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