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We want your help

(09-15-2011, 11:34 PM)Lord Canistra Wrote: How the hell does moddb relate to Xonotic?

till mid 2010 moddb was a place for indies and mods.
more and more people decided to make indies so they split the site to moddb and indiedb. thats the way xonotic is releated to moddb.
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Just off the top of my head, for now:
In-game name: Peerless

You already have it.. I guess
German linux gaming Site
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These are the two I know that haven't been mentioned yet

If somebody made a video or article show casing the changes ( new models, physics tweaks, etc) They could post it in The linux gaming subrreddit

If you give me a hint like one night before 0.6 gets released I'll create a proper newspost on ESR. Else some random person might create a forum thread again, with outdated videos and false information.

if you guys still need help w textures i might or i might know a few people that might want to do it

big article coming soon on :
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Sorry to resurrect an old thread.

Does anyone know if Xonotic needs help with future releases?

I got a writing itch I want scratched. And, Xonotic probably could use some more good press.

More releases planned for the future, yes?

-- Ubiquitous Dirigibles

Sure, we always need help generally-- Writing is no exception. Are you a native English speaker/can I see any examples of larger bodies of text that you have written? Generally we try to keep a high standard with public relations texts.

I am a native English speaker.

How ought I post my examples? Attach to this thread?


BUMP, for the sake of Xonotic's future in developement and press releases.

Ubit: How ought I post my examples? Attach to this thread?
PM Samual or email him.

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