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[DM] map_MiniManX

so I take the suggest of cortez666, and I publish my map build that going to be done soon Smile here:

I need your feedback to make it better than the original... Cool

[Image: bhyf6hh0fmfc8tjidev2_thumb.jpg][Image: 72wz41mo3ew789jpqfe_thumb.jpg]

(You have there 1 more place(room) than what you see from the pics Smile... )
Havefun Smile

I'd say you should invest in some more detail, currently there are too many clean surfaces. My room for example would never look as clean as this one.

The second screen gives me an extraordinary idea. How about a map that is sort of a sci-fi city outside scenery with lots of them hover vehicles moving around in free air, just like in the fipm fifth element? That could be a splendid setting for a map where you (or, rather, I) can fall down a lot. What do you think?
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For the detail, I will make more room stuff soon and more cruvy furnitures... For your idea, its amazing idea, I wiil write and paint the prop of this map in next time... and this will be a continue for that room...

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