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New Player Model: Aslapa Mercenary

New player model I'm working on.

[Image: aslapaprev.jpg]

Click on the thumbnail for full resolution.

LMAO! April Fools.

If you would like to help me fool more people. Please post comments like 'Awesome' 'Astounding' 'Bravo' and all that shiz.

Impressive work Oblivion. I kindly suggest to make this mode the default for Xonotic once it gets rigged Big Grin

this could be an easter egg, if you clear storymode or something else Tongue

The name "Aslapa" amuses me. Did you come up with that?

Nice, April fools everyone Big Grin

This needn't necessarily be an April Fool's model. When fighting for survival, one must be able to be as quick and nimble as possible - pants only hinder this process. I think, with a proper story background, this model could reasonably be included in a final release.

ehehhe man, thats some good shiet! ;3

hahaha win

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