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[SUGGESTION] ragdoll death animation request

(11-05-2011, 03:19 PM)JayWalker Wrote: Gotta agree here. UT2004 was really the only game that made me actually take notice of the ragdolls (mostly because of the crunching sounds and occasional missing limbs spewing blood, that was cool). Games like Saurbraten/Red Eclipse, and even newer games like Modern Warfare don't really make the ragdolls interesting at all.

During the last week, I went on a playing spree for DeusEx - Human Revolution. Another example of how ragdolls improve quality a lot, and in this case the game would be horrid without them. Whenever you kill or disable an enemy, ragdolls are a thing you always see (though you can drag bodies too). Of course, there's a lot more detail in many domains than what Xonotic could have in years if at all.

Your speaking of a very diffident game play. The tech to do this is quite possible in dp - but the the &/()"# drags corpses around in Xonotic?

lol Human Revolution. That's an entirely different game right there (and a damn good one), not even close to being the same style as Xonotic. Human Revolution moves at a semi-realistic pace (somewhere between Perfect Dark 64 and Call of Duty) where you can ACTUALLY NOTICE such detail. Xonotic on the other hand blazes circles around it. It should also be noted that Deus Ex 3 runs extremely choppy compared to Xonotic, especially when you take into consideration just how much detail scenes in each game can display. Believe it or not, Xonotic actually has better graphics, though it doesn't have ragdolls or freakishly huge hubs either (though there really is never enough on screen in DX3 to justify how big of a performance hit the game takes, even if the maps are big, they're too enclosed most of the time). In my opinion, ragdolls should stay at the bottom of the list of priorities, hell one idea would be to ditch death animations all together and immediately take the model out of play via teleportation effects (such as sparks or something, hell you might get some inspiration from looking at UC2's death sequences) or gibbings, doing so would prevent corpses from getting in the way of gameplay, something that has a tendency to annoy me sometimes.

Oh wait.

Ragdolls are possible in FTE engine using ODe physics, csqc

Also you need doll files. read this !

Maybe port this feature in darkplaces is not so hard.

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