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Planning to help with the code - where to start?

I've always wanted to help this project more than just translating lines into Finnish, so I've been wondering if I could help with the code.

I'm pretty newbie to programming, and therefore I just want to know how I could help with minor things - if needed. I've programmed just for 1 year, but I've progressed with insane speed because my university requires insane programming skills. Big Grin I started with Java basics, had a 4-month-course with it and then started with C. 5 months with C and 20 hours work per week really taught me how to make code. Currently I'm studying C++, which is follow-up course from C, and this course is almost as intensive as C was.

With knowledge of C (and C++) there shouldn't be problems to learn QuakeC. However, I have never coded anything "big" and therefore I have to get in touch Xonotic code developement before I can actually start helping.

So, I'm asking you devs, how do I get started - from the zero?

PS. I made this topic also for other people who wants to help this project, they could get vital information from this thread. Smile

I'd also like to help with the code if possible. My Java skills probably won't be of any use here, but I have some knowledge in C as well - that is, on the level of syntax, general keywords, yet my knowing of even the standard libraries is rather sparse.

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I can offer C#, some HLSL and a bit C++ Big Grin have to try QuakeC
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Most important probably is checking the bug tracker, and tracking down bugs reported there.

Also, unfa had this post idea about making the bots talk. This could be an ideal topic to get started with.
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Implement this game mode, and more importantly, create monsters and simple AI for them. Like in quake, unreal, etc.

Also add fireballs, arrows, other projectile shooters.

Quake had that too. I miss fireball traps.
And monsters.
Imagine, you walking, then a fireball hits you and you keep burning (like secondry of fireball launcher) untill you jump into wasser.

Bit by bit, I'm starting to suspect a firetroll here…

:: q3map2 x64 for Windows

(09-18-2011, 01:34 PM)Lord Canistra Wrote: Bit by bit, I'm starting to suspect a firetroll here…

Fire elemental.

Also, what are the best ways to get acquainted with DP engine code? Are the some documentation collections, or do I just have to read sources, file by file, to understand how everything works, why is this here, what's it connected to and so on?

:: q3map2 x64 for Windows

Read the sources IIRC, I've never seen any documentation, and bug Lord Havok.

(09-18-2011, 01:34 PM)Lord Canistra Wrote: Bit by bit, I'm starting to suspect a firetroll here…

SSHHHH! You'll blow his cover!

Well pardon me, if I'm not aware of some new forum game.

:: q3map2 x64 for Windows

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