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new-station [ CA | DM | TDM | LMS | DOM | FT ]


This is the remake of the ugliest xonotic map ever, shell-station.

This map tries to keep the same layout (mostly) with improved map navigation, but also it should be more pleasant to the eye. The main focus of this map is still Clan Arena!

[Image: new-station-01m.jpg] [Image: new-station-02m.jpg] [Image: new-station-03m.jpg]
[Image: new-station-04m.jpg] [Image: new-station-05m.jpg] [Image: new-station-06m.jpg]

This map should be available soon on (26500 and 26501).

  • Observation deck walls are boring
  • Storage walls are boring
  • Fix some placeholder textures on ceilings

You mentioned it already: boring. Your map doesn´t really have some eye-catchers and there isn´t a general concept. You should also try to vary the light colour to create an atmosphere.

Another thing which needs to be done is bot support.

What I really like is that there are some nice ramp jumps. Smile

The general concept is the layout, everything else is just an extra.

There are 3 light colors present:
- from lava
- white lights
- and my favorit: darkness!
I may add some red lights to the stairs in the observation room as there are textured with red light textures.

As much as I like bots, I don't think I want to spend my time on it, I prefer to play with [BOT]s anyway Tongue



Drop both files alongside bsp.
nowego [MLP:FiM]

I initially thought this map is rather bland and boring, when I first encountered it. Now that I had already quite some CA matches on earlier versions of it and yesterday played some CA on the latest version (this), I must admit that the gameplay on this map is rather cool indeed. The visuals got improved a lot by this new version, while adding some nice additions enhancing gameplay.

All in all, given my initial judgement of this map, I am a bit surprised that I have to say at least for CA matches this map is truly brilliant.

Good work, all of you who worked on it!
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Thanks Halogene.

nowego, thank you too, I'll include the waypoints in the next release.

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