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Poll: Should there be the option to disable the running animations at the end of matches or should it be disabled completely?
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You should have the option to disable it.
8 19.51%
It should be left the way it is.
9 21.95%
It should be removed completely.
16 39.02%
Don't care.
8 19.51%
Total 41 vote(s) 100%
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[SUGGESTION] My Xonotic suggestions!

#1: to easy to cheat. no way arround that.

#2: Possible. Personal I think is whould simply be "fixed". An option to keep a pointless bug sounds like dead weight to me.

#3: Mainly needs csqc playrs to be done right. We need this anyhow (in the long run) - but lack devs willing to work on it.

#4: Cant say i experiances stuttering for that reason, but obviosly some do - thus, having it solved would indeed be a VERY good thing.

#5: 0xBAADF00D! This needs the same ppl who made the map/s "unoptimized" to take responsibility for a appending this file. unlikely, in the case of old nexuiz/q3 map doubly so since the creators of them many times are long gone from the scene. Also what settings that makes what maps work on what clients will vary. And what of the ppl with machines powerfull enougth (and want to) to have feture XYZ on regardless? No, not a good idea. Better idea would be to allow some settings to be stored, on client, per map. Not totaly easy to do tough.

#6: They alleady can.

#7: Maps missing localy get pics downloaded in realtime. for that reason, thise cant be large/numerous. for maps allraedy on your puter you could have more - but realy the only good way to get a solid opinion of a map is to play it (usualy many times). Pictures are there to help you remeber what the mapname coresponds to, not to make you understand what the map is all abt. 3-4 images for each maps means max 3 maps for most ppl.

#9: hell no. makes the laser totaly pointless. do i even need to expand on this?

#10: sure, someone make the anims and it will get in.

#11: Seems like a reasonable idea BUT then shotty will need a secondary again. Be carefull here - Nexuiz shotgun was a MAJOR balance issue.

#12: *yawn* sure thats a ZzzzZzzzz Oh sorry, im awake! Tongue I have nothing against this, and i guess some ppl would like it alot - just eprsonly i care so little abt such systems its hard to muster any enthusiasm for it. At any rate it depends on stat tracking, wich is in the works.

Thank you for your ideas, I agree with most of them Big Grin
Just a thought about No.7 - couldn't we make info about the map appear whenever someone puts their mouse over the top? That would be an improvement over multiple pictures right? As for No.9, couldn't we make the laser harmless when it's activated via pressing the 'automatic firing' button and allow it to cause damage when fired as a weapon that you've manually selected or only allow the 'automatic firing' button on certain Race modes? Just a couple of my thoughts.

My objection to #9 is that it'd be more straight forward and easier to just increase jump speed to some crazy value in that case. Also wheres the fun when things are totally automated?

I've added a couple of new ideas and outcomes.

Quote:The ability to bind the action of firing the laser weapon to a button on the keyboard.
This is a very bad idea, and easiness is the reason. I'll quote my message from different forum:
Quote:Warsow has dash, which means that player can gain a lot of acceleration very quickly. It's fun in race, but it's too much for everything else. The player can achieve REALLY high speed in REALLY short time. But shooting mechanics and weapons didn't change from Quake. Which means that it's easier to move fast and avoid damage and harder to actually kill. That's why CTF has died in WarSow: any experienced player can achieve tremendous speed and just ROFLrace to enemy base, grab the flag and then come back. If nobody defending the flag the game is over really fast. And new players usually don't know that, which means that YOU (experienced player) must stay at base all the time, and if YOU fail nobody will stop that flag carrier. And maps are designed for quick accelerating and maintaining of speed, almost no obstacles.
Gunfighting is what shooters is all about, and Xonotic does that part really well. For now.
Besides, just like someone have said, race is always a singleplayer mode.

The laser binding thing SHOULD never be allowed in anything other than Race or CTS. I don't think this is one of my best suggestions anyway, lol.

*Looking at Outcome of Idea No.8*

Don't forget to add binding option for Hookshot guns! I know that you can automatically use your hook when playing isnta gib. But what about regular DM? You have to manually swtich to your hook shot.

Heck, I rather play a DM game with hookshots than instagib with hook shots.

As for your poll question: Should there be the option to disable the running animations at the end of matches or should it be disabled completely?
I think it should be left the way it is, until we can have the taunt ability. As for me personally, I like taunting in Quake Live. It's funny (It takes the seriousness out of the gameplay), especially when your viewing someone else do it and they are running at you with a gauntlet!
I don't about you guys, but I play Arena games to have fun. Not to get serious and do 1v1 duel or instagib. Thats boring. :/

2. Maybee everything should just freeze at the end of the match? That can be an option too. So you could chooze from the options: 1. Everyone keeps running in mid air. 2. Everything instantly freezes. 3. Everybody lands and stands still. maybe looks around or somthing.
[Image: 0_e8735_c58a251e_orig]

(08-06-2012, 11:11 PM)Matoro Wrote: *Looking at Outcome of Idea No.8*

Don't forget to add binding option for Hookshot guns! I know that you can automatically use your hook when playing isnta gib. But what about regular DM? You have to manually swtich to your hook shot.

Heck, I rather play a DM game with hookshots than instagib with hook shots.

That's not what automatic or semi-automatic mean. This is.

Also, the two hooks that you describe are different. The offhand hook (i.e. the one that you can use without switching to the grappling hook weapon) doesn't use ammo I think, whereas the on-hand hook does. Plus, the on-hand has a secondary attack. They are two different things, but the hooking action is the same.

It's been a while since I've posted here, but I've just re-installed Nexuiz (it's been a long time!) and I can say that the main difference between Xonotic and Nexuiz is that Nexuiz seems to have much more personality.

I think it would be awesome if some modellers could re-do some of the older models from Nexuiz and put them into Xonotic, while making subtle changes so that they suit the general style of the other models like Erebus. This is the most important thing imo.

I'd also like to see more map makers focus on creating maps that look far more basic visually. One of the reasons Nexuiz has more personality is because many of the maps aren't too fancy (could be a nostalgia thing) and while I'm all for amazing visuals in Xonotic, I think it would be nice if there were SOME maps that were made to purposely look dated (and I'm not talking about maps with ultra-basic textures or maps that look like Warsow)... These maps could be supplied on certain servers or as part of a 'new but retro' map pack.

Nexuiz wasn't afraid to throw in a load of maps that differed a lot visually. Atm, the maps packaged with Xonotic all have a consistent look and while some may like this, I'd like to see more variety, not just in looks but in gameplay too... Tongue

Run Nexuiz 2.5.2 and Xonotic at the same time, switch between them and you'll see what I'm saying.

Nexuiz has some maps that are unique not only visually, but also gameplay-wise. Like revdm3 or evilspace. Or mentalspace. I suspect some competitive folks would rather see them trashed, but they are simply amazing to play. Xonotic needs this sort of maps desperately. The xon remake of evilspace is Crap (who da f. put that mortar there?). A lot of new maps feels somewhat repetitive. Grass here, grass there, some box, and a labirynth inbetween. There's certainly a room for improvement here.

Nexuiz also had 9+ years longer to develop that personality. Trying to go backward wont get us forward on the long run.

Ofc, asy7um. Don't read this as attempt to derogate Xon. My message here is that Xonotic needs more creativity in maps; including unusuall maps, like revdm3 was unusuall even by Nexuiz standards. This is well doable, as soon as gras-box-labirynth-claustrophobia monoculture is over (and already some Xon maps aren't like this).

I don't see how 2-3 platforms floating in space and being connected with stairs or jumppads are an example of extraordinary creativity but ok. No one disagrees that we need more and better maps though like I said, it takes time. Lets not act as if all (or even most) Nexuiz maps were any good. It took hundreds of maps and many years of development to create a decent set of maps for all gamemodes.

Btw, the official Xonotic map/texture style isn't my thing either but mappers can still do whatever they want with custom maps.

Not sure how the mortar on evilspace is a gamebreaker for you!!
[Image: 542.png]

#deathmatchers @


(08-20-2012, 05:08 AM)asy7um Wrote: I don't see how 2-3 platforms floating in space and being connected with stairs or jumppads are an example of extraordinary creativity but ok.

Well revdm3 gives a unique gameplay. And at the same time it was quite popular, except with newbies and competitive folks. So all in all it is a creative map, even if simplistic.

(08-20-2012, 09:42 AM)kojn^ Wrote: Not sure how the mortar on evilspace is a gamebreaker for you!!

Its rather a mapbreaker. With this mortar, Xonotic version of evilspace is yet another open space map with a lot of combo fest. Without mortar it plays differently than usuall open space stuff (especially in Nexuiz, where rockets are quite slow).

revdm3 was on of the most fun maps for me when I was on Nexuiz, because I almost always played it laser only, which was tremendous fun. I usually scored second or first, even if the others used all weapons (except when I used all weapons, too, then I mostly lost). A map like this where using the laser is very effective would be cool to have in Xonotic, as the laser works a little bit different here than in Nexuiz and I still don't hit very well with it, especially mid-air targets. I'd be really enthusiastic to practice the Xonotic laser on revdm3... had some cool laser sumo on pushmectf yesterday, which reminded me of some pure fun I'm actually missing nowadays :o)
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Yo, I've got a new suggestion...

There should be a way of keeping the dl-cache synced up with any new maps that are added to the data directory.

We could have this awesome java app that combines some of what this site does while keeping everything synced (and organised)... It could be some sort of automatic backup system and it could also pick up on multiple files that have the same names and ask you if you want to delete the old versions...

What do you reckon?

dlcache serves as a cache for downloads, not as a map library. It collects maps so that you don't have to download them multiple times. It keeps everything because recorded demos only work fine with the right map version. Besides, not every server uses the same version, and some servers use unique maps. Since there is no centralization for maps, it's kind of difficult to have an elaborate system to manage maps and keep them up to date.

Shame... But can't I just cpoy maps from my data directory into my dl cache anyways?

The maps you have in your data directory were put there by you. You can put them in your dlcache if you want, they will be playable on servers but not locally.

Thanks for the info Mr B. The only reason I want to do this is so I don't have to bother downloading maps in game (to my dl cache) that I already have in my data directory. Smile

Oh, I don't think you will have to at all. No matter what, when a map starts or you connect, the server tells your client about two things basically: the map's file name and the url where you can download it. The client checks if it has that filename loaded, and if it doesn't it checks the dlcache, and if it's not there it downloads the map with the provided url. (I'm probably simplifying it a little.) PK3s and files in your data directory are loaded on start so you don't have to worry about them being redownloaded.

Oh, I didn't realise that. Thanks for the help. Big Grin

1 - engine is too slow for that many dynamic lights
2 - it annoys me too, maybe can be fixed when div0 will finish animation blending
3 - needs div0 to code animation blending.
4 - I never had stuttering
5 - we need normal bloom/ hdr settings in the first place, also each map can change client settings already
6 - you can make such button, I use it all the time when I make new models, also for vehicles I think it should either make chase cam for everyone or for no one, I dont like switch-able features that gives advantage to some players
7 - others said it well why we cant have that
8 - it wont spice up game, just make it more convoluted
9 - play minsta or overkill, this would change normal xonotic too much
10 - needs div0 to code animation blending.
11 - I would rather have some melee weapon instead
12 - xonotics recording function is useless for that
13 - we dont even show which team have won and you want awards and medals Tongue
14 - I dont see how that could help, ppl chose bad maps on purpose, because they are small, simple and easy to remember
15 - just change variables on console
16 - too much work to do

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