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Making a playermodel

ok so i have been away from forum because i got bisy ...

i like mm3d to do my stuff so...
1.i made the mesh and texture and anims with mm3d.
2.i used blender 2.49 to import MD2 file i made
3.i used blender 2,49 to add the tags
Prob do i move the tag depending on animation because i put the tag on scene and i go thru anims...
4.i saved and then opened with blender2.57b
5.exported as MD3 (my iqm isnt working)
Its rigid and doesnt move in game.

1.I use erebus.blend file for bone mesh
2.I use my blend file of 2.49
Prob 2...It loads one or the do i get both at same time on same scene?
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You can load data from one blender file to another using the append/link function (shift + f1).

try this exporter for iqm:

thanks torus.
But i already use that exporter nowego

EDIT: And the tags do u make tags move depending on frame? I go thru anims and im just moving its place,because when i go back a frame its in same place.

And how do u rename tag to be tag_weapon
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Forget about plans and everything...i decided...use erebus.blend or any other skeleton animated model for the anims.
Wait for progress...
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At risk of hijacking the thread I've been trying to get the IQM exporter to work and need some help with the textures.
Simply for testing i rigged a Myrrah model from Gears of war onto the erebus.blend example model. (The ploygon count is 19k and the rig doesn't match very well. This is just a test.)
I'm confused about how textures/materials in blender relate to the texture/shader in Xonotic.
In my blender file the textures are in the same folder and the materials are named crap like Model001_Material001. I know there is a naming convention for xonotic textures somewhere on the forum. I'll have to fnd that.

[Image: u8wzzj3x21lbc2827ha8_thumb.jpg]

(10-16-2011, 08:19 AM)Ihsan Wrote: ...
I'm confused about how textures/materials in blender relate to the texture/shader in Xonotic.
Its simply a material name in blender corresponding to a shader or testure name (unless im forgetting something ; )

Quote:I know there is a naming convention for xonotic textures somewhere on the forum. I'll have to fnd that.


thread came alive...
this is why i cant export iqms
it says this:

NOTE: i am using an unmodified erebus,same thing happens if i use the ignis blend and when i use my modified mesh
AND i swapped to blender 2.60
and using the 2.60 iqm export

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Wish I could help but I've never been able to export to IQM using anything else than an older version of Blender. All the current models were animated in and exported from Blender 2.49b.

If you haven't made changes to the animations you might be able to use Blender 2.49 to append your model to the Erebus armature and export from there and it might work without any tweaking of the model or animations. At least, it's worth a try.

i have never touched 2.49b and its completely different
and the iqm script isnt shoing up in export menu
do i have to enable it somwhere? and how?
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If you put the 2.49b version of in .blender/scripts and it should show up in the menu, I don't remember having to enable it, it should be there automatically.

well i HAVE put it in /.blender/scripts/
and it doesnt come up

EDIT: I found it
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