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OGZ maps to BSP files

Ogz is the format of maps made by cube engine 2.

I mostly use it as a mapping tool. Its very easy and better than radiant.
So...heres the question...Is there an OGZ to BSP compiler/converter

(1+ reputation for whoever finds it, 2+ if that person actually makes that programme)
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-1 reputation to post in the wrong subforum Tongue

There, I've fixed it.
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(10-02-2011, 05:12 AM)C.Brutail Wrote: -1 reputation to post in the wrong subforum Tongue

There, I've fixed it.

Back to the point please Angry
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Well you want to do something really cumbersome, why don´t you learn mapping with the Radiant? And I really doubt that your editor for cube 2 engine is better than the Radiant! Impossible! Tongue (Holy GtkRadiant!Big Grin )

Well yes i prefer cube 2 mapmaker,its simple and can do really good maps i did a good one earlier in the year.

But either u present me with my petition or u DONT do small crap comments

(shudnt it be NetRadiant maddin...asking just in case converter does not exist)

EDIT: The thing about cube engine 2 is that u dont need a tool for making maps...u start a server with edit gametype and u can EDIT,and make,MAPS IN-GAME!!!

Xonotic has a long way to go,in near future xonotic might do something like that
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In Sauerbraten

/writeobj name

creates a OBJ file from the current map. You could import the model in {Gtk,Net}radiant.
But is going to be a huge model like this:

[Image: wp9ghm4yfrlt1pz5dnab_thumb.png]

... which is rather recommendable because there´s no VIS-blocking. (And btw: NetRadiant is similar to GtkRadiant 1.5)

Quote:Xonotic has a long way to go
oh god I so insulted
By the way, why play Xonotic then?

And if you're up to making a map out of single .obj or any other model, check out this thread first.


U got me there canister emm...i dont know
i start mapping then
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where do the obj get saved cus i cant find it when i search for files.

and it doesnt say anything when saved
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(10-03-2011, 09:37 AM)Droid Wrote: where do the obj get saved cus i cant find it when i search for files.

and it doesnt say anything when saved

In my case (Linux) in $HOME/.sauerbraten
For example, with "/writeobj duel" it creates duel.obj and duel.mtl files in that directory.
And yes, the command is silent.

As mentioned above, read the inconveniences of using just a model for a map.

hmm :/ yes
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It is indeed quite sad that a man would go through the effort of making a game engine around the concept of a simple and fun (MULTIPLAYER) mapping program, and then make it hard to use the map anywhere but in that engine. Maybe someone could either create a way to save the maps in a more xonotic/quake-friendly way, or completely remake (yes, it is indeed much work) the program to work with quake-based games (or anything else really). I'd call it CubeRadiant :3

It's times like these I wish I already knew c++...
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