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[SOLVED] Environments not loading? Black maps.

So, I've got a fairly interesting issue. It seems that the maps are not loading for any games I join except for one. I can't remember the name of the map, but since at least one map loaded it makes me assume it's not a video settings issue. As you can see from the picture, special effects, and charactrs all load properly. It's simply the actual map that doesn't seem to load.

I am on Debian 6 Linux.

[Image: JgZAB.png]

Hey, welcome to Xonotic Smile

a screenshot does not really help to spot the reason for your problem ...
You should offer some console output.

I guess you are missing the package curl to download 'non official' maps.
(cause you have written, it would work on one maps without problems)
apt-get install curl
Or use a gui package manager Smile

Can you run local maps without problems?

Back in the Nexuiz days this kind of problems was mainly caused by problems with dlcache. Empty it out just to be sure.
This will also happen if you join a server that does not have urls set up for downloading nonofficial maps.
nowego [MLP:FiM]

You can always try:


I don't think it helps in this case, but you can always try.

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