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Popularity issue persisting after 0.5 release

Question / suggestion: Can anyone contact the owner of the DCC servers? For many years, he's been running several Nexuiz servers, which IIRC are some of the most popular (Beginner Delight for beginners, Plain Delight for DM, Pussy Delight for minstagib DM, Laid Back Delight for CTF). If he could move these to Xonotic (or run Xonotic versions too) that could improve popularity a lot! He could run both the Nexuiz and Xonotic ones for now, and notify about Xonotic in Nexuiz, to help people know.

I think I vaguely remember asking about this before, and someone saying they'd rather wait for Xonotic to reach 1.0 before moving the DCC servers over. But it's been a while and I don't remember clearly. As far as I'm concerned, 0.5 is as good as a final release for now, and having at least both versions of the DCC servers could help a lot. So I thought to suggest.
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RE: Popularity issue persisting after 0.5 release - by MirceaKitsune - 10-29-2011, 04:21 AM

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