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That's a very wise decision, my dear Pcl. Maybe make your own balance/physics (with Samual?) and organise a tournament with them? That seams to me the best way to get the things you want.

Anyway good luck with what you are going to do!

(10-23-2011, 01:04 AM)PCLizard Wrote: In the best interest of both communities, I've decided not to start a fork. I don't want to split the community any more so than it already is. Please disregard what I've said about Vengeance; I have something else in mind.

Interesting idea, posting about a fork here.

PCLizard: still, the idea is not totally bad.

You could split the project into two parts:

1. "Damn Small Xonotic" - Xonotic maps and content optimized for low-performance systems, 300MB looks like a very realistic size goal for that BTW and can still look good
2. a configuration/package for competitive-style gameplay changes (remember old "Havoc mode" we had in Nexuiz times? Sort of like that and can be included with Xonotic a similar way)
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In addition to getting your own balance and physics, a good way to attract Nexuiz players to it would be to get a server with your settings up. That way you can tell Nexuizers "You can still play Nexuiz in Xonotic, plus better graphics! Join <server address> to play with more familiar physics and weapons"

Also, if you work on a DSX, try getting in touch with akari. He made one for 0.1.

Creating an alternative balance is a way better alternative to creating a fork; you have support behind the existing Xonotic community, you'll be able to maintain the balance by yourself (mostly), and it would keep players playing the same game, even if on different servers (realizing that not all of the nexuiz players would have moved to Vengeance had it been created, mainly because of the bad taste left from the initial split/fork/illfonic).

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