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Sound coordinator(s) needed

just like with the Artistic coordinator roles, we have a need for sound coordinators. The decisions for choosing sound coordinators won't be done in this thread, but this is the place to post any names to be consiodered.

Just like with other coordinator roles, the emphasis here is on "coordination". You don't necessarily have to have sound/music ability, though that certainly helps. You have to be able to help organize things, and people.

Please reply here or contact me directly through PM or IRC.

ill put my hand up , but only if noone else will , i hope people will get off their asses and reply , so this game can be released as soon as possible.

so yes i will do thy bidding , kind sir


hmmm , seems this post has been missed...

(knock knock)



I've already assumed this role informally, but it'd be nice to have a few more people involved in the process. Again, whoever thinks that could be helpful for this position don't be afraid and step up Wink

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