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[FIXED] Nvidia graphics cards on opensuse 12.1!!

I is sad because i updated my pc to opensuse 12.1 and i realised the gfx card wasnt working,and now i cant play xonoticSad
i already tried searching on the opensuse forums and doing it the hard way but it didnt work so now im fucked
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a) This belongs to the Help & Troubleshooting section.
b) Provide details, like what settings does your PC have. Just writing 'my gfx doesnt work, please help' doesn't make it easy to help you.
c) When you installed the new OS did you also installed a nvidia gfx drivers?
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u dont get it...
i had opensuse 11.4
i downloaded 12.1 and updated it.

oh well i will have to wait 2 months minimum to get the easy one click install file from here:
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He fully gets it. Is this a vent thread or are you asking for help? No help for you if you won't let anyone help you.

Oops, okay, vent thread. Does it really take that long for a driver release?

well im not shure i use opensuse for 4 months now and when i got the 11.4 to install it drivers were already out out now
delete thread its spam
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I have seen a topic here about issues with drivers of Nvidia for openSUSE 12.1.
Don`t be alarmed the repo with the drivers was eventually created. To install drivers for Nvidia cards using Yast and thus the easy way just add this repo accept the key and enjoy.

PS: An admin can close this; i wanted to reply in that topic but it was already closed

Merged, thank you Creation Smile

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