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AS YOU CAN READ (oh caps) , er

a seperate cts vid section for all the nerds to submit to would be cool , now idk if one does exist ,

but someone start one

even sections for other game mods , that way certian mod gaming nerd freaks can keep a good eye on this stuff Big Grin

also on a seperate topic , who approves of new cts maps?
some are bugged and dont work well , if at all.

would be a better look if they work properly imo




Rather create a topic in General "CTS Videos".
There is a topic for Xonotic videos but everyone posts a new one for his video anyway.

A section for "Media" would make sense I guess (still want one for Audio Tongue).

You should talk to the server admin (It'sMe) about broken maps.
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If you play on a broken map. Type !broken and he knows, will test map, and if it's broken remove it from server.

We should have a section for Xonotic Video's though, so we can congregate all the threads in there, otherwise there all over the place.

A sticky, with the top Xonotic movies inside this sub-forum would be great also Smile
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What do we need it for? Nobody makes cts movies nowedays.

I think Chooksta hopes it will then magically be filled with CTS videos by everyone but nobody in particular :p
"Yes, there was a spambot some time ago on these forums." - aa


And that's why we can't have more newbs playing.

:: q3map2 x64 for Windows

Oh gawd not this again. There is a simple solution.

Edit: I put my request in a new thread. Read and hate on it in this thread.
"Yes, there was a spambot some time ago on these forums." - aa

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