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Empty maplist after git update

Just used ./all pull. No singleplayer and no maps available for creating server. And a lot of messages in console after start. wtf?
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works perfectly fine for me.. but there was someone else on IRC with a similar problem, but in that case he used a mixture of 'all' script and doing stuff himself Did you also use ./all compile and ./all run sdl to start Xonotic?
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There are no maps in the Git repo, they were all removed.

yes, i used ./all compile and ./all run sdl, but maps appeared only after i copied them from old nexuiz data folder.
maybe you should create additional git repo for maps?
I use google translator to write the message, so do not blame me in my illiterate speech

You guys seem to be doing something wrong.. there should a nex-compat checkout when using the all script. That includes all the MOVED maps! They are still there, just in data/xonotic-nexcompat.pk3dir instead of data/xonotic-maps.pk3dir
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No maps here:;a=tree

The xonotic-nexcompat.pk3dir only contains shaders/textures/models/skyboxes for old nexuiz maps to work. Not the maps themself. I don't think it's planned to ship xonotic with _any_ of the old nexuiz maps..
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UPS, my bad then.. sorry Smile
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