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"Xonotic/Space" Theme

Ok, esteel... I'll work on it when I get home... That's actually the color I'm trying to get closed to anyways, I just need better RGB values... (More red, probably)

Those are awesome!

I see you're working hard as always, Moo. Thank you.
My will be done.

It should be easy to find gpl compatible space images. As I understand it, all works created by the US gov't or by one if its employees are automatically licensed PD. I'm not sure why these aren't, but it means there are tons more that are.

(04-07-2010, 06:23 AM)esteel Wrote: Second one? You realize thats a screenshot from ingame, with some random map loaded? Wink Its NOT the menu background.
yes I know but then you should take a good... better looking map, on that map the textures doesn't look that great.

oh no, sorry if it is ingame. i thought it was just an image.

I updated it with a "redder" red. I don't know if it's too red but it's better than not enough red.

Anyways, take a look at it, see how it is!

is your ping always that high?

I really like the idea of a "neutral" space background, I hope you don't mind me using this idea too Tongue
But I'm not sure about the Wicked2 menu graphics, they are quite low quality.
I now finished the Xonotic version of Wicked3 (renamed to WickedX). You might want to use those graphics instead.

IMO thats a really good theme now, almost a perfect match for the logo.. i'd really like to have this theme in game!
Real signature is still in production!

Ok, sev, I'm downloading it atm. Get on IRC so we can work together to merge them and improve both ^.^

Ooohhh...this and the other theme(by sev) look awesome! Include all the good themes!

The red looks a little to pink to me. I'd suggest making it more orange.

em,i prefer classic and modern styyles,but looks nice Smile
(04-13-2010, 05:26 AM)od@r Wrote: em,i prefer classic and modern styles,but looks nice Smile

first one IS smexy!

[Image: sig2.png]
Check out my site:!

Ok, so I updated the theme (sorry it took so long, lost my FTP password) and combined it with sev's theme. I did a little bit of editing but basically just replaced his BG with my BG. Check the first post for download and pics.

guys,sorry for double post,here is my tip:

[Image: menu.jpg]

original topic:

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