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[SUGGESTION] Git and autobuild servers only for development

Due to several problems I have when playing on Git and autobuild servers , already mentioned here and here, I suggest to operate all public servers only with the most current, stable release of Xonotic generally. If a git or autobuild server is available for the public, then it should be named clearly as a development server, in order to guard against misunderstandings.

I recommend you (server admins and game developers) to do this, because we all want to have a growing amount of players, who all experience nearly the same gameplay. I don't want players, that test the game, connect to a git server, because git servers are the only servers with players online and have much trouble with the game so that they decide to never play this game again.

So please destinguish between public server for normal games and developement servers (git autobuild).
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also try and keep maps up to date.
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However, we do need public git servers or we're unable to find issues with the game. But yes, labeling them properly in the hostname is a good idea.
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How about having a way to filter versions that are known to be incompatible? i.e. having a minimum version in the server's information so that the client may compare it to their own. Of course there's no linear versioning in git, but I guess git clients could simply ignore the minimum version.

I think you should at least take the effort to check if it's a client-side problem..
- On which servers does it happen?
- How does the netgraph look like when those problems occur?
- Tried starting with a clean config?

Many people with 0.5 clients play without major problems on bleeding-edge servers - as long as the CSQC players are disabled server-side. Actually afaik your are the only one who has that kind of problems. Your first link describes a different problem, obviously because he (Warrior) has the same problems in nexuiz too it can't be a xonotic-git-issue for him.

Argh, I accidentally gave a low rating to this thread, can somebody counterbalance that please? That was accidental, wrong keystroke in pentadactyl.
EDIT: Thanks!

Argh, I accidentally gave a high rating to this thread, can somebody counterbalance that please? That was accidental, wrong keystroke in, wait what?
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