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Xonotic vs Nexuiz 2.5.2 - Core differences

Core differences to Nexuiz 2.5.2

This is meant for players who have played Nexuiz before, to make transition to Xonotic easier. Since there are still more people playing Nexuiz at any given time, it might come in handy.

-You can disable "bunnyhopping by just holding jump" in Options>Input>Automatically repeat jumping if holding jump
-While bunnyhopping, you can now turn fairly efficiently without strafing. In Nexuiz, not to lose speed when turning while bunnyhopping, you pretty had to use cursor keys as well, which made movement a lot harder than it needed to be. You still should strafe for some tight turns, but getting wider ones is quite feasible using only the mouse.

Game modes:
-CTF rules got fixed. It works like in most other games, quite unlike in 2.5.2, where team score was a sum of scores of each player. Such approach discouraged capping, because on fckill (killing flag carrier) and returning flag, one team could gain a lot of points, when other LOST them.
-Havoc mode is removed.
-LMS mode no longer includes Fireball (thankfully!)

-You cannot boost yourself past 200 HP/200 AP, unless with vampire mutator.
-When >100 HP/AP, picking up health/armor item freezes HP/AP dropping for shorter time than it used to in 2.5.2.

Well, this one is pretty obvious, even looking at the screenshots. I won't go into details, just name a few aspects:
-Official maps have much higher resolution textures. For comparison, see maps like Xoylent, Runningman or Stormkeep.
-Nex got completely different model.
-New player models (eg. Erebus).
-Better looking health items.
-Catching fire when hit with rocket weapons.
-In spite all of these new bells and whistles, FPS got no worse (and even better in my case).

Stricter ammo limits:
Shells: 60
Bullets: 320 + one clip of sniper rifle and mg
Rockets: 160
Cells: 180
I'll mention only already redone weapons, for ongoing changes, see other topics:

-Primary has been significantly slowed down (now it works somewhat like it did in Havoc mode).
-Secondary is a melee attack with some serious damage.
Machine Gun:
-Reloading, clip size: 80 rounds (later 60).
-Primary got toned down a bit.
-Secondary fires 3-round bursts with little to no spread, also subject to clip size and reloading.
-Primary projectile travels a bit faster.
-Secondary now fires up to 3 balls in quick succession, then delay, in order to reduce spamming and encourage combos.
-Primary now fires several energy pellets in fixed pattern. Important change - they travel in said pattern, as long as you hold down fire. On release, they concentrate in one spot and then fly away and get crazy. In other words, this is no longer just an energy shotgun and more of a trick shot weapon.
-Secondary fires faster, but does very little damage and consumes a lot of ammo.
-Completely new model of course.
-Charging action: the longer you wait between shots, the more damage next shot causes. Indicated by a ring around crosshair and change of color of display on model - red when charged.
-Secondary now loads up to 4 rockets, similar to RL from UT series. You can cancel loading by pressing primary button, in order to prevent involuntary shot after several seconds of holding secondary down.
-Primary ROF is much slower. In current form HLAC is pretty redundant, and about to get the axe.
-Secondary got completely changed. Instead of insane, full-auto burst, now you have sort of long-range shotgun firing 3-4 bolts with some spread at slow refire rate.
-Now a superweapon (spawns the same way as Strength or Defense powerup, lasts for 30 seconds)
-Primary and secondary fire got swapped (BFG-like shot is now primary, firemine is now secondary).
-Your own firemines no longer hurt you.
Mine launcher:
-Completely new weapon, primary fires up to 3 mines, secondary detonates them. Mines can detonate on their own after some time or if enemy gets close. Handy for laying traps.

Current problems:
-Even though most old maps work without problems, they are not up to standards visually, so they are not included by default. See autobuild server for some quality maps.
-Less music, as few tracks got recycled (and several new added - some pretty cool, like space-elevator or leave-em-behind themes, or the "Malfunction" one on glowplant :E), at least fewer tracks are used frequently. There is ongoing discussion about music in its dedicated thread. Also, announcements like "Rage", "Triple kill" got removed.
-Bots seem to be easier, as shotgun was heavily toned down, maps are more open than they used to be and especially bunnyhopping has been made easier.

(02-06-2012, 11:51 AM)rafallus Wrote: -Bots seem to be easier, as shotgun was heavily toned down and maps are more open than they used to be.

IMO this needs to be fixed right now, the first level in singleplayer (g-23) makes me LOL because they all create a clusterfuck in the middle untill everyone dies.

Excelent post though, hopefully we can see more players switch over as time progresses.

The bots are very embarassing indeed.

Oh wait.

(02-06-2012, 01:10 PM)Lee_Stricklin Wrote: The bots are very embarassing indeed.

find someone who improves them
<Samual> I am the most unprofessional developer ever
<bluez> halogene, you make awesome music, but you have no clue about ctf.
<Halogene> I didn't know mappers include some mysterious waypoints so members of the BOT clan can navigate a map?
<divVerent> if you don't pay for a premium account, your movement speed is limited to 100qu/s

wtf was havoc mode anyway


Yeah, I'd like to know that too.
This is a post I made about improving bots.

I want everyone here above, who said that bots are really weak, to download Hydroxon, and show me in a demo how easily they win in a 5v5 vs godlike bots.

Sure. Didn't really care to do 10 caps limit, I play on lower limits anyway, it's pretty apparent from the video, why.

Warning: contains profane language.

PS. havoc mode changed movement and weapons mechanics. Eg. it made shotgun and crylink much slower, rockets flew much faster, hagar fired faster and with bigger spread, you couldn't collect any health or armor, if had more than 100 HP/AP, but it didn't drop to 100.

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(02-06-2012, 02:32 PM)Lord Canistra Wrote: wtf was havoc mode anyway

A fairly crap Nexuiz mod that nobody played (or wanted), I assume its name was inspired by Lord Havoc.

* Spaceman returns to obscurity

actually bots are not so bad, it heavily depends on a map, but I don't think they are that important, only for SP and boring games, 2 players can play duels anyway

music will be updated soon , just not easy when the music nerds dont include all the nerd stuff required for submission...

there will be a new music poll soon to be voted on , but the devs have some more important issues first (HEY DEVS! , NOTICED I COVERED YOU THERE , BUT DONT LET THE MASSES KNOW K , T )

music will be more massive than nexuiz , u can bet on that!

oh and if ya make tunes then find the section in the development section and SUBMITT

oh and no bot bashings , they have feelings too.

they may rise up and ...




run like helll

(till they hit a corner and get stuck.. then ya safe )




What, you can turn off pogo!??!?! That's great, now it won't be too confusing when coming from quake.
bye / bad luck and have boredom

(02-11-2012, 12:23 AM)noobermin Wrote: What, you can turn off pogo!??!?! That's great, now it won't be too confusing when coming from quake.

err, why would you want to? like to kill some spacebars? Big Grin

Only games that have complicated jump schemes need pogo off ... like mario

things like this ... or minecraft where a normal jump is small pogo should be on by default

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