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[NEEDS INFO] [Bug]Armor shard oddly displayed

Screen says it all. Happens rarely (had it happen once before on 0.5, now I'm on autobuild). System is desktop-c2d from Big Benchmark listing.

Only 5 AP piecies cause the problem (all of them), 25 and 100 ones work fine in the same run, have not seen 50 one.

That's most likely a videocard problem on your end actually. That stuff tends to happen if you overheat the GPU. Happened to me quite a bit in Nexuiz and other games when I had an AGP ATI HD2600 (a real piece of shit btw) and quite a few times when I had one of Nvidia's housefire drivers installed on my current card.

Oh wait.

Two things to try:

1. upgrade driver?
2. run engine with +vid_dx9 1 to use DirectX instead of OpenGL
BRLOGENSHFEGLE (core dumped)

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Divverent, does performance increase when using DirectX9?

I don't know, does it?

I've given DX a go. Shockingly, anti-aliasing seems to not work in DX mode. Double checked, and it was turned on, but there were still awful jaggies on edges. Return to OpenGL enabled it without a hitch.

As for problem itself, it happens so rarely (twice in about month's time) that it will be hard to say definitely if it disappeared.

Did you notice any noticeable performance changes?
(I would try it myself, but the last time I used DirectX, Xonotic got buggered up).

Not really, but I guess YMMV.

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