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Poll: Would you play on a chillout server
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Yeah, I would!
30 81.08%
I don't need it
4 10.81%
No idea, I'd need to see how it work
3 8.11%
Total 37 vote(s) 100%
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[SUGGESTION] A practise/chillout/casual server request

Maybe then i can finally watch and show rockets bounce on jumppads without being fragged....
4m038105 - Be the change.

(05-19-2010, 07:54 PM)The mysterious Mr. 4m Wrote: Maybe then i can finally watch and show rockets bounce on jumppads without being fragged....
I do that too Big Grin I'd also like the jumppads to launch up every gib or shell that falls on them! That would be so much fun Big Grin
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This thread was started long, long ago. Just after this forum started Big Grin

So new people might not remember it (ummm. yeah).

Are there people (sill) interested in playing on a server where score doesn't matter and anyone can just have a relaxed chat while practising laser jumps and stuff?

I do.

So here comes a...

Die Refreschkeitung! yay I love when my german hurts...
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(03-20-2011, 03:52 PM)unfa Wrote: Are there people (sill) interested in playing on a server where score doesn't matter and anyone can just have a relaxed chat while practising laser jumps and stuff?

Sure, sounds like a great idea. I'd be happy to host it too Smile I guess nobody ever decided on the specific settings and such tho eh?

it should use balancwWTF.cfg :p
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Sure I would player on this, a good place to hang around and complain about balance Big Grin

But for the sake of the learning newb I suggest default balances.

Mode voteable too!
nowego [MLP:FiM]

An official PeaceBrothers server, maybe? :]
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With peace maps?

Cool to see some interest! Big Grin

I think that default balance would be good for practicing there.

PeaceBrother's server could be transformed into chill out server? Or become PeaceBrother's chillout one Tongue

About mechanics changes: I'd make no score tab there and no fraglimit Smile Just time, everything votable, no kicking for ping, and bots that don't exist (no bots) Wink.

That server should be officially bookmarked, and I'd say that new players while opening the server browser for the first time should be given an advice and notified about an official chill out server for learning and chatting (the dialog should have a button "connect with chill out server now").

Also I thing this server shoudn't care too much about lags or stuff like this, I thing it should also be able to take a lot of players (32? 64?) It depends, but I think that this server might get pretty crowded with newbies.

Also if the server gets popular, a constant admin's care might be needed to check if no one is spoiling other people's fun, or maybe we could make something that would automatically detect spoilers (trolls) and warn or kick them.

Pretty obvious Wink
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I haven't read everything in this thread, but I welcome this idea and think it would be a great thing to have. There should be at least one for NA Community and one for European Community, if not even for Australian Community, but those are details one would have to settle once the first server is up.

In order to avoid other people raiding the server and stealing the fun would it be possible to implement a system that every player can set by himself (clientside triggered) if he is afflicted by other people's damage, force and collision? Possibly even on a per-player basis? Or even if he can SEE certain or all other players at all? If we could manage to do such a thing then it would be rather hard to raid the server in the first place, no need to ban people.

I don't know if the engine is capable of doing that without total cvar chaos, since it would come close to applying different physics/weapon balances to each player... but a intuitive system like a graphical menu listing the players and their "permissions" would be quite suitable for such a server.
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