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[NEEDS INFO] Texture compression is required but not supported

Upon starting the game, my framerate was just awful. It was about 1 or 2 frames per second on the menu. I checked the console and it gives the error "Texture compression is required but not supported". A few lines down it says "Expect visual issues" or something along those lines, I don't remember exactly.

I should also mention that I used to be able to run 0.5 fine.

Does anyone know the problem?

The only time I get this is when I'm in Direct X mode. Type in vid_dx9 0 in the command prompt (while in game), press enter and then restart the game. You should be running in OpenGL after that.

Under Linux the open source Mesa drivers don't support texture compression by default.
(This is the way they're shipped in Debian btw.).
It's possible though to compile the Mesa drivers with texture compression enabled.
Search the webz for "mesa s3tc"

(04-03-2012, 03:25 PM)Axon Wrote: Does anyone know the problem?
Without knowing more about your system, no.

What OS are you running, with what graphics card and what drivers?

The error message shows lack of S3TC. S3TC has intellectual property issues attached. This doesn't necessarily hit FPS itself but greatly impacts loading times of textures.

Oh, and it's not just a Linux issue. If running Windows never use the drivers that MS supplies for graphics. They don't support OpenGL properly at all.

As for enabling S3TC in Mesa under Linux, with recent versions this can be done at runtime with an export command.
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