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[NEED HELP] How to get higher FPS?

Today I've tried Nexuiz 2.5.2 and there I get between 150-200 FPS average, and the framerate never drops below 100. In Xonotic I have 60-70 FPS average, and on some maps it drops below 30. I'm already using the lowest settings. Is there a way to further imptove the framrate, some ultra low settings?

r_sky 0 turns off the sky and should get you a few more FPS also try r_showsurfaces 3 if you are really desperate and then there is r_fullbright 1 which only works if the server has sv_allow_fullbright 1 set otherwise it will be a green night vision effect UDF5 has it allowed along with a few other servers.
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Or get the version with lower texture quality.

EDIT: Um, not quite sure about that actually.

You can try my "old" config which is tweaked for best fps:
r_showsurfaces 3 decreases fps for about 20% on my machine, but try it yourself.

Thanks for the hints. Asy I've executed your cfg, now the fps are better. What a beautiful game Big Grin I think some maps need optimization. aether is a total pain, the outside of red_planet is bad, and the central room of afterslime also drops the fps. I wonder why Nexuiz performs so much better.

BTW after update to Win7, my fps gone up, especially in those critical places like red-planet. I might run the-big-benchmark again because of that.

I completely agree Micha, Xonotic map makers should try to find a good balance between beauty and performance. Not everyone got a high end pc, and laptop owners can't really upgrade either. I mean on Soylent @ Nexuiz I got around 300+ fps while on Xoylent @ Xonotic I get around 130 fps, with lowest settings.

Red Planet uses patches for the terrain which produces thousands of unnecessary triangles. And it is possible to build a good looking map with a good performance. VIS optimisation is the keyword here. But most mappers don´t know how to do that or are to lazy to do it. I Try my best to achieve the best performance on my maps. This is why I currently rebuild the whole Warfare map because at the moment the brushwork is horrible and create awful VIS portals. Big Grin

So, all Level Designers and Mappers, VIS optimise your maps! Wink

Yes please do so mappers! Warfare runs quite fine btw.

My laptop is not a high-end machine, but I just bought it and it has a GeForce GT540M. I think mappers should aim for at least 80fps at normal settings on today's average systems.

Is there a way to reset all settings to the default? Asy's cfg is a bit too extreme Wink

What is a "today's average system"? Tongue My computer may be such a system, it´s really not the best but runs every map with 90 fps (average) at high graphic settings.
CPU: 3x3.3 Ghz
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RAM: 8 Gb (on Linux, WinXP only handles 3 Gb)

To reset ALL settings to default you just have to delete your cfg.

Yes and until 1.0 the average computers will be faster, too.

I've reset everything. The FPS are a bit lower, but not that much. Looks like the performace drop is caused by the complex level geometry. Do the original Nexuiz maps still run in Xonotic? Maybe it makes sense to set up a server with those maps for people with lower end systems.

Yes, there are lots of Nexuiz maps being used in servers. In fact, there are 2 servers using Nexuiz's default physics and gameplay settings!

You need the nexuiz-compat package for nexuiz maps to work properly, which is included in the default Xonotic download, but not in xonotic-low or git (can be enabled there).

If you mean the SubZero servers, imo they don't feel like Nexuiz at all, at least not 2.5.2.

Yes I've seen there's one Minsta|Hook CTF server with Nexuiz maps and models. Would be great to have a server with other game modes and low poly maps only.

I've also noticed that the FPS drop significantly if many players are on the map. I've already set the player model detail to 4 (very low). Maybe performance can be increased by using the Nexuiz Mulder model instead of Mega Erebus. But it can't be selected from the player setup menu. Another idea I have in mind is rendering only the bounding box of the 3D models in the map. Is there an option for that?

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