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Competitive 2v2 TDM Maps and Duel Maps

Hey all, just wondering if you have any suggestions for good 2v2 tdm maps! My current list includes:
stormkeep2, final_rage, Aneurysm, Strength, dieselpower, reslimed, runningman1on1remix, warfare, toxic, industrial, toxic, The Fury castle, fr3dm1, nexdmlc1, nexdmlc2, deck16.

About half of which are standard maps and half from kojns 2on2 tourney.

My current list for duel maps includes:
soylent, aerowalk (cpm22_nex_r1), stormkeep2, final_rage, warfare, toxic, aggressor, campgrounds-beta4, UseAndAbuse (cpm3a_nex_r1), dismemberment (cpm12_nex_r1), bloodprison, reslimed, runningman1on1, bloodrage, winter playground (cpm1a), ruiner, slimepit, shaft area (cpm17)

Please keep in mind that map suggestions are for competitive play, not pub randomness Tongue

Any suggestions would be much appreciated!
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nexdmlc1 makes a horrible TDM map to be honest. One room has too much stuff, it has a mega, 2x100 armor, a MG, mortar close by, the strength, etc.

nexdmlc2 seems to be better.

That's all I can say off the top of my head

For duel maps, I also like playing cpm8_nex_r1 and cpm24_nex_r1. Cpm24 is probably one of the best maps to play if you're looking to play a map that doesn't include a nex.
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Would agree with GM, nexdmlc1 was really a map put in as a 'test' as it was played by some of the american teams before, but it turns out to be horribly misbalanced and doesn't really fit into what I would call classic TDM.

I would say nexuiz lacked good TDM maps, I'm hoping this will change for xonotic.

However I WOULD rather see the game with few maps that are good then lot's that are not very good same for CTF.

But for yourself good 2v2 maps.

These are the one's I would define as GOOD tdm maps (a smaller map-pool is better to start off with, you can put in a map to try and then re-vote the next year to keep/remove certain maps that were less played or if you want to try a new map you think is better).

stormkeep2 (classic TDM map Smile ),
final_rage (fast-paced map, tends to be who has the best control..even teams = even game's slightly uneven skilled games can = rape),
Aneurysm (not a fan think it offer's limited gameplay)
Strength (multiple level's offers gameplay but I can see why people dislike it),
dieselpower (probably too big for 2on2 but it's ok),
industrial (never played),
The Fury castle (offers good gameplay)
deck16 - cool map

Wouldn't use these, reslimed is too small imo it's a 1on1 map, same with runningman1on1remix doesn't really offer much in terms of gameplay, same with warfare..too small for 2on2 same as toxic both like little square boxes.

nexdmlc1..too unbalanced and generally quite boring.
nexdmlc2..Perhaps for 4on4 or 3on3 tdm, but even then it's not even a very good's just better then everything else available.
fr3dm1..decicded to trial this one, but hopefully for Xonotic there will be better DM/TDM maps as the game currently lacks that (mappers take note and make! Smile )

reslimed, runningman1on1remix, warfare, toxic, fr3dm1, nexdmlc1, nexdmlc2, <-- Remove these from 2on2 map-pool rabs.
I think depending on how the starting weapon balance is for Xonotic, then The Fury Castle could become a good 4on4 map, at the moment with nexuiz settings it would be too much shotgun kills.
[Image: 542.png]

#deathmatchers @


Most of those maps are pretty cool, through nexdmlc2 might be too large for 2on2 tdm. I also think soylent wont make a good TDM map Big Grin

Im curious kojn, what is so limiting abt Aneurysm in your opinion? I always liked this one and consider remaking it (or at least suggesting a remake) for Xonotic.

not sure dieselpower is to big; its big indeed but theres plenty of open areas to its not all that easy to slip by unnoticed.

The nexless version of warfare is nice for tdm imo.

First let me say I do not mind the map, but you can get stuck on stuff at times Smile

It's the one map I wanted a remake for actually fot quite a while..

I guess I would prefer it if there was like another 'level'/tier in it like a bigger upper-level I do like some parts of the map, like the strength/electo/mg area and RL area, it's more the back of the map I don't like and would like to see a big change there..again perhaps linking into some kind of top tier that would cover hald of the map? If there was perhaps another big room where the back corridor is to make the map a little more varied/bigger that would be cool.

A Remake would be cool with perhaps creating some new areas to give the map a bit more variety in area's to go whilst keeping it's current flow, but make it smoother to move about on.

I guess multi-level architecture is what I'm trying to get at..I like bleach for this reason, even though I think that map needs a re-make as you can get stuck on a lot of edges and perhaps a better colour/lightning scheme. The map it's self I like.

Dieselpower..well I do like this map for 4v4 especially, it's a perfect map for it and also for 2on2 yes it does work Smile

My views is that there are not very 'good' maps for competitive play in nexuiz..DM/TDM wise anyway which is why I would prefer to see a few new maps made and not try to play on maps that I don't think can be considered that good. Especially with the talented mappers the community now has, take that geomentary (sorry forgot name Big Grin) CTF map..very nice Smile

I would rather see a smaller quality map-pool for competitive games like,

Dieselpower (2on2 - 4on4 tdm)
stormkeep2 (2on2 tdm)
final_rage (2on2 tdm)
Fury_Castle 2on2 - 4on4 tdm)
Aneurysm (re-done) (2on2 tdm)
deck16 (2on2 - 4on4 tdm)
bleach (re-done) (2on2-4on4 tdm).
Strength (2on2-4on4 tdm).

These would be my suggestions and then with some newly created maps, would give a big enough pool for both 2on2 upto 4on4 tdm games.
[Image: 542.png]

#deathmatchers @


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