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CTF Mapping Contest (by GlobalGamers)

After 5 hour strait mapping session ... I'm a little tired ...

log 1 ------------
welp ... its now the 26th ... for me ...
I have stopped mapping and started the final compile ... and then I will pack it up as a pk3 ... it will be up here in a few minutes ...

log 2 -----------
gaaaa ... had to go back in and fix some things ...
[*] delete a button to a mechanism that I didn't have time to finish (I had already deleted it on red side)
[*] shrink 4 falling snow regions ... the map was getting < 40 fps
[*] delete one troublesome overlapping brush
[*] rotate the top and bottom faces of skybox ...

log 3 ------------

more gaaaaaaaaaaa >.< ....
[*] I forgot an entire pillar (a major map landmark) on the blue side ...
so I copy-pasted it over ... made it blue
[*] fixed the blue HLAC so it wasn't inside a box
[*] fixed 8 mini healths so that they matched up with the red side ...
[*] gave 2 exposed caulk faces a texture
[*] rotated the 2 skybox faces the other way

log 4 --------

f@#* ... ive textured the top skybox brush to something thats not sky ... at this point ... its almost 2am ... I'm not gona run another 20 min compile again tonight ... I guess I'm just going to be a day late ...

log 5 --------

After sleeping ....
[*] fixed skybox texture
[*] fixed another exposed caulk spot ...
hopefully this is the final compile........

log 6 --------

have to rotate bottom skybox again ... not recompile needed for that though

log 7 -------

well it still needs work before I'm satisfied with it ... but seeing as I an very out of time ... and all the killer death bugs are gone ... I'm putting together the pk3 now


here is my submission ... a medium ctf map ...
a little buggy ... but that cant be helped right now ...


not everything can be in good repair ...

tunnels :3

soo .... shiny ...

the interior core of the facility ...

the best gun on the map :33

Wow lots of great submissions actually, can't wait to see how this turns out.

Yes, you have essentially 4 more hours from this post to get your maps in (midnight EDT)... After that i'll work on compiling the list of maps and open up the voting in a few days (once i've made sure I have everyone, and have the links set up properly etc). More details will be arriving shortly.

Hutty! I can not see a snow texture! Fix it!
Also: teleports: I can't say where they are untill I jump on them Tongue
Also: I hope the access to the roof is made in purpose. Because its a fast shortcut!

Snow is broken. .. ill fix that

Teles? There should only be warpxones ... if you are saying that they distance-cut to close... i can fix that too. .. just a quick entity ony recompile

The roof i s a bigger issue. .. i originally has tesle turrets up ther. .. but they would pick people offwhile bouncing across the gap in the tunnles ... bur in a normal ctf game usually both flags are in action. .. i doubt they will both be chiling on the roof...


edit :: fixed

I also fixed the link in my submission post

Alright so i've collected the submissions (I think, if any are missing PLEASE notify me IMMEDIATELY!) here and created the list... Confirm with me that the links are correct and then I will create the Google Poll to vote with.
  • bluez_vs_redz (link) by Cortez666
  • Forts 'n' tower (link) by forseti
  • Abyss (link) by kuniu the frogg
  • Fickle CTF (link) by nowego
  • idecay (link) by nowego
  • SpiderCtf (link) by Justin
  • wink (link) by hutty

I'm still waiting on GlobalGamers for prize information, but should be coming soon.

The quality of the maps is very good. Shame Hutty didn't post his map earlier though, he would have got more testing. Smile

Too bad I didn't manage finish my map in time to participate, but congrats to everyone who did the maps look nice from the screenshots I've seen. (Yet to test them though.)

Prizes for the CTF Mapping Contest sponsored by GlobalGamers are as follows:

1st Place: $100
2nd Place: $50
3rd Place: $25

These are not cash prizes. Winners will be able to spend the prize money at online retailers such as Steam, ThinkGeek, Google Play, Razer, etc.

Wow, nice prizes! Who supplies the money?

im guessing global gamers ....

but ... yay ... nice, real, prizes Big Grin

Voting here:

Go go go go!

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