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Reconfiguring Spawn weapon (laser)

note :: this was not meant to compete with samual ... I have been holing onto this idea for a while ... but since our two ideas are not compatible I felt I would have to release it now

Configurable Laser

.png   laser.png (Size: 102.84 KB / Downloads: 87)
(sorry its the old laser model ... nobody has updated the pic on the wiki yet)

This is a simplified diagram of a laser configuration system ... The main idea is that players can tweak their laser gun to make it stronger in some areas ... while sacrificing stuff in other areas.

For example if someone wanted more push for their laser ... they would move the push slider up ... and all the other sliders would go down... making thier laser slower and weaker ...

It works on a point based system ... to prevent overpowered laser guns

If the player doesn't want the other sliders auto adjusting he can just uncheck the box ... move everything to desired positions ... and then save the config once the options fall within the point range ...

the Hue and Saturation of the bulet is also configurable

other notes ::
current laser config is equal to everything at 5
setting speed to 10 makes it a hitscan ... with an appropriate beam effect
even at damage 10 ... it is still weaker than most normal weapons
new configs only apply on respawn ... to prevent abuse ...
shotgun would not change

so ... Is it doable? do you like it?

Well, I do love the idea. My only concern is how it would affect serious gameplay. For example, players could max the push and take their lumps in the damage or speed departments in order to grab flags and fly across the map.

That's just an example that popped into my head when I read this, but I'm sure there are other instances where this could throw off the balance, and maybe even break the game.

Anyone who wants to do that stuff can do it now using g_balance_laser_primary_(parameterhere) just to try it out.

Another thing, I'm assuming speed is projectile speed and not refire, right? Because increasing the refire could be catastrophic.

Wait? What? No.

No offense, but this is not an RPG; it's a first person shooter.
[Image: optsig.png]

Would be cool to have this with all weapons but I'm not sure if that would be possible at all as stuff like push-back and speed is handled by the server, not the client.

The client would have to push that data to the server, it's absolutely possible technically and there already is a system for server-side client settings. But it makes no sense from a gameplay point of view IMHO.

Funny idea.
I see the first ppl setting up three or more cfgs, one with max push, one with max damage and one with the fastest reload. Switching these ingame for like every 30 seconds - to their greatest advantage.

Nice idea - really, but not really practicable in competitive fps games.
[Image: Sigsig.jpg]

oh ... ok ...

well what it it were for the hlac then ... it would make it more usefull

Sounds like a nightmare to balance and has too many ways to exploit, can't really happen by default.

I'd rather see something like this on more weapons in a mod/mutator... i.e., part of a class based mutator or such.

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