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PS ... paradox space

It was only a joke Sad

... I think I'll put smooshing BOT on the priority list (if continental issues don't get in the way) ... right after getting more than two members ...

if only there would be anything to "smoosh"... Tongue
<Halogene> ok "n1" means "nice one"
<Halogene> "gl" means "good luck"
<Halogene> "fu" means "wow that was wickedly nice that frag"
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Anyways ... I only got two members (including me atm)

so ... If ANYONE wants to join ... the doors are open

Well, if I join... will you guys tell me all your map's secrets then? Tongue

Hutty, you're aware it's spelled Nepeta with two e's, right?
[Image:]640K ought to be enough for anybody.
     ― Linux Torvalds

@Mr. Bougo ... wow I can't believe I missed that ... thanks

@machine! ... of course ... we don't have any maps yet ... but when we do ...

anyways ... why don't you sign up?

pick a name (thats not taken) list of trolls

and post a reply in the format on the bottom of the first post Big Grin

Thanks Smile but I dont think Im ready for a clan yet! Tongue (still a newbie)

(07-08-2012, 03:16 AM)machine! Wrote: Thanks Smile but I dont think Im ready for a clan yet! Tongue (still a newbie)

I've been here for months, and still consider myself a newbie Tongue

I have been around for a while now ... but I still can't win a 1v1 match against anyone in the smoke clan ...

You don't have to be good to join ...


ok clan wise ... I'm not going to organize any matches atm ... because we are a little short on members ... however ... smoke clan is quite active on the chicago duel server ... so if your not allergic to XPM ... we could hopefully get a little friendly rivalry going ... .... ...

I'm in EU, can't play with 200 Tongue

EDIT: But if I see a smoke member on exile's 1on1, when I'll happily pwn them if they got high ping enough Wink !

aw ... thats too bad ... Sad

Could I maybe join? You guys seem low at members! Tongue

I am machine!
Favorite guns Hagar, Nex, Mortar
Special skill Descent at 1on1
Strategic Role Flag runner or Flag room defender

I am starting to do mapping too! Big Grin Here is the alpha of my latest map project :

sweet ... now you have to pick a clan name too ... (like how mario clan uses mario characters for there names ) you can keep your old name ... you just need a clan name to go along with it

pick one (nepeta and sollux are taken)

I choose Gamzee Big Grin

thanks... first post updated...

Favorite guns: nex
Special skill: defecating on small children
Strategic Role: winning

umm ... so I take it that you want to join the PS clan ...

you will also need to pick a clan name

pick one

and gamzee are taken


Cool! Big Grin Are you EU or NA?

Hey i want to be in too Smile Want to do a little mapping again.
got so much unfinished q1 q2 hexen2 stuff XD

My only realeased maps ...very amateurisch and full of mistakes, but playable^^
old site and stuff:

I am Rudolf Pöschko 23, ingame RUDI_AUT_w Austria/EU (no kangaroos)
Favorite guns: minstanex, camping riffle, electro
Special skill: frags?
Strategic Role: just laserjumps and frags ^^
[Image: 11436.png] (PLAY/Drunk/Rudi_Aut ^^)

I'm an NA player

@rudi ... you don't need to do anything special to get in ... just sign up ... look at the bottom of the first post to see how

... and you will also have to pick a clan name

pick one

@bolwind ... I updated the first post ... you should be on it now

Ok so i chose karkat Smile
[Image: 11436.png] (PLAY/Drunk/Rudi_Aut ^^)

sweet ... adding you to the first post

also ... there is now an irc chanel up at quakenet ... #ps.xonotic

edit:: changed it to fit with other clan ircs
edit::edit:: I also updated the logo ... its kinda crappy ... but better than the grey square that used to be there

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