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PS ... paradox space

enough ellipses to block out the sun

(08-05-2012, 10:30 AM)Bolwind Wrote: enough ellipses to block out the sun

Ellipses Eclipse? I vote that we change the clans name to that!

On a serious note what are you guy's preferred playing time? I'm set for around 10:00 - 15:00 GMT (6- 11 EST)

We should get a few matches going.
[Image: 2386.png] Professional noob...
Paradox Space...

I'm usually around after 7:pm central US time ... Although I do pop in at other times too ... (12 GMT) ...

however I am often available earlier than that ... (this EU / NA combo stiff can make coordinating difficult...

If nobodies on the server ... you can always message though the #xonotic.pickup channel to get a duel ...

I have already seen...

hutty ... lots Tongue
machine ... couple times
bolwind ... couple times
Smadowman ... once or twice
Rudi ... never (seen him on irc though)
aa ... cant play online

I am sorry for letting you down...

And actualy i have lots of time!
[Image: 0_e8735_c58a251e_orig]

meh ... its ok ... were all friends here ... maybe someday in the magical future you can get functioning internets

I had 3 kb/s dial up till 4 years ago ... so I know how you feel

Alright time for me to join.
I'm R-4
Clan name: Aradia
Favorite gun: Mortar
Special skill: Raining mortars down on people.
Strategic role: Distraction. I'm still new, so I'm no good for actual confrontations.
I'm joining because I know Hutty and they've been trying to get me to play. Now that I've got a computer that can actually handle the game I'm giving it a try.
I've got a fridge filled with Cherry Coke and no idea as to what I'm doing.

yay ... :3
another member ...
I added you to the first post ...

I'm not leaving, but I ain't gonna be active in a while...

ok ... thanks for informing us

[Image: 4LHtsUrRmBM9O9elMyBAKg]
ok ... im probably gona kill off the ps server this week ...

It hasn't been working properly for the past month anyways ... and i dont have the time (and soon probably the money) to maintain it ...

I'll still be active ... and keep : ps : alive ...

if someone else wants to host a server go ahead ... im just not going to do it right now ...

I maybe can host a server, I got a Raspberry Pi which could host the website and I recently found a store where I live that has second-hand computers for a great price.

Can the Pi's CPU take it, though? And does Xonotic compile fine on ARM? Could be fun to test.
[Image:]640K ought to be enough for anybody.
     ― Linux Torvalds

I meant I can host our website on the Pi and that i maybe can buy a second-hand computer that can run Xonotic server. Wink But I may try to run a xonotic server on the Pi, if it even compiles of course.

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