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Limit helicopter max altitude

I want to propose important change to heli's specs. I propose limiting it's maximum altitude. Example from Ut2004

[Image: MGt56.jpg]

The pinky line is maximum altitude which flying vehicle can achieve. Why this would be good for Xonotic?

It would allow level designers to make more balanced maps - areas with "things" in the air (like bridge if you fly under it) can help create areas needing different tactics. So no so easy life for choppers.

It would allow level designers creating maps with performance in mind since the first brush thanks to Heli being not able to fly "on the top of everything". Placing vehicle map in environments like cities, canyons and so forth makes hinting and dividing map into "rooms" much easier and more effective.

Do you measure altitude in QU above a certain reference point, or above the surface? I can't imagine this working well in the latter case with terrain, and in the former case the mapper needs to set a ground altitude.

In UT that limit refers to Mantas. Mantas aren't supposed to be able to fly high, because they are plenty annoying as they are, having them harass from the heights, where most vehicles can't even reach would be just over-the-top. OTOH Raptor can fly as high as possible. Depends, which role heli in Xonotic is supposed to fill - manta-like or raptor-like

Well, I'm not a coder. Just limit max altitude - it's better imo than putting clips.

Something i'd like to see is a brush to limit where vehicles can go and another one to limit where players can go. Like "player limits" and "vehicle limits". Inside a vehicle you may go 100 meters further, but if your vehicle is destroyed and you are somewhere on those 100 extra meters you inevitably die

In battlefield series maps are bigger when you are inside airplanes, players on foot have smaller limits of the map. If you are outside those imits when your airplane is destroyed you have 10 secs to return to the "player limits" or die.

Good idea with "vclip". Is this doable?

But on the other hand - it will affect Vehicles in terms other then Generic Specs. I'm not sure, if this is good idea. Level designers can set up max altitude by themselves :/

Everything is doable given enough time and motivation Wink Jokes aside, it would be a fair bit of work without any major gain. the effect, as there is just one flying vehicle, is just the same as putting a clip or simply lowering the skybox.

Words can't express how annoying are all those invisible barriers. I don't remember the name but there is a capture the flag(key in this example) map where there is invisible ceiling which is maybe securing some fun, but makes game pretty crappy. Another thing is the floor when you use the hook. You never know how deep you can dive when making spiderman like tricks on some open maps. I'd rather insist on avoiding such solutions.

That just depends on how lazy your mapper is ... for grappling ... after the first two deaths I get a idea of where the floor is ... low invisible ceilings are very very evil

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