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[FIXED] FPS drop with autobuild Xonotic

I seem to get FPS drops randomly when playing Xonotic, I'm not getting it in any other games I play just Xonotic, last time I had this issue I just updated and it fixed it, however I updated again and the same issue persists. I heard before in quite a few months ago build that this was some sort of issue, is it just me or does anyone else suffer from it?

Basically my fps will go from around 110-125 (set at max 125fps), then it will drop to around 40-60 but the game goes really stuttery so it make's it annoying and hard to aim. It normally lasts anywhere from about 10-40'ish seconds.

Running Windows XP SP3 btw.
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I had the same problem several days ago. I don't know what caused this, but after deleting cfg or some update, it got better. It was particularily apparent on solarium map, where I had like 10-15 fps at times.

Check if your gpu or cpu is overheating.

No its not a server issue, server may overload you visually by having huge maps with millions of things happening but that does not course temporary frame rate drop, it just makes everything crawl Wink Before you try rafallus solution, back up your current config - if it does work it would be very good to have both so we can diff out the problematic setting/s.

JUSTIN: Stop trolling.

tZork, I haven't really changed anything in my config/s but I could send them over to you to take a look over them? I'll try it out sometime soon anyway and see what occurs.
[Image: 542.png]

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Sure kojn, i can take a look for you. However to move it first and see if it helps, if not its just a waste of time.

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