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[SUGGESTION] Game-models to try for?

Jesus, and I thought I am annoying. Who do you think will read your entire 4 page mind dump? Try compressing your thought into small cohesive blocks.
You seem kinda disappointed because of what Xonotic is. Well it is what it is, it gradually developed from quake and people play it because the like what it is, otherwise it would die out long ago. There are tactics or decisions, its all about where will you be at the right time and if you have the right tools.
Some of your suggestions seem game concept changing (ridiculous) and make other stuff on this forum seem sane, chain-of-command? Resources? You need to understand that Xonotic has modest goals and not-so-extreme development pace, and even so, stuff like vehicles/ONS/AS are quite recent additions.

TL.DR type less, dont ask for stuff which will never get made, you can always fork Xonotic and make your own game (haha)

My suggestion:

Make your own Xonotic mod, also make it compatible with Xonotic's official releases. When setup a server and let us see if your making Xonotic better, or worse.


You've got some ideas here, I'll give you that, some I don't agree with, some I don't belong in the type of game that Xonotic is, others I'd like to see happen and of those, there are few to say the least.

Your arguments for them are not as well thoughtout as you might think. Allow me to explain before you take this as an insult. These are not the order with which you posted your own points, so take them on a per argument basis

1 - You want Xonotic to move away from the arena type gameplay and mention other games from which to take inspiration; notable to me, was your suggestion of Tribes 2, as I played this to death and back. You fail to realize that every multiplayer game to this date is an arena. The arena sizes may vary, perspectives may vary, movement across these arenas will vary (not by much, but that's just my view on it), but not a single one has ever broken this mould. That is: an enclosed space, with one overarching objective. Contrary to what you think you think, your suggestion still fall into this mould.

2 - You use "all-purpose" and "generalized" a little too liberally, for weapons and vehicles. I can't speak for the vehicles as I haven't played them much; but as for the weapons, you actually need to play the game long enough to know what each is good for. Your assertion is that the Nex and the rocket launcher are the only efective weapons is exactly the same sentiment I had after playing Xonotic for only a week, having come from every other quake and quake-clone there is.

3 - You take issue with vehcile variety and availability. The variety is a consequence of relying on community contributions, people work on them in their free time, and these people will work on what they feel is worth their free time unless you can compel them to work on what you think should be done. As for the availability of vehicles on a given map, I would think that's a limitation to encourage different tactics when vehicles are involved.

4 - You take issue with the lack of tactics, choices, strategy. The game is designed to give you the tools to come up with your own. If you're spamming the weapon dealing the most damage all the time, you're going to get bored, in any game. You mention ET:QW and think you're suggesting loadouts; my view on loadouts, unearned chances of survivability, but that's just me. Tactics, choices and strategies are entirely in your hands, if you can come up with only two, well ...

5 - Your suggestions at expanding the movement options are one I would like to see taken on, as I have suggested some myself, there being not that many options for it. But, as someone stated in that thread, it's better to implement them as mod/mutator type and see how well it's recieved. I would cut out the recharging of things like jetpacks and anything else that's dependent on fuel, and just put it down to pick-ups like armour.

6 - You propose moving away from the quake game-model, when one can argue it's one of the more exciting game-models out there, particularly from the risk involved in participating, the risk here being the health mechanics in place designed to keep you moving. The recharging stuff I find to encourage complacence.

The tone of your argument also comes across as slightly arrogant, as though you have discovered what truly makes a great FPS, and that wasn't your intent as you've clearly stated, it does nonetheless. Shooters, whether FPSs or TPSs, haven't moved that far in their mechanics since quake, and nothing you've proposed sees a shift in that. Xonotic provides a base set for a fun multiplayer; your movement proposals, I can get behind; those for the vehicles and weapons, I don't see much of a difference in what you're suggesting and what's already there.
How long is a piece of string?

Well Xonotic have already the arena/unreal game-model, I don't find any reason to change since we probably would lose the few players we have.

But you can still make it happen, make a mod for Xonotic and setup a server with it. From what I understood you want a more slow-paced strategic gameplay with large tribes-like maps, correct? You can make your own maps with NetRadiant, when you can change the movement using cvars on your server and add your maps to it. What do you think?

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