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Space Death_b2

I like the flow of the map, movement feels nice. I'd have to play it online though to judge item placement and layout better.
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<ZeRoQL> i think i got 1 proper quad and that cunt halogen fuck me over with a laser

phillipk2x should also work, but then I would use orange or yellow instead of red. I any case, red is a too high contrast to blue, doesn´t suit that good.

About building the map:
It really depends on which atmosphere you´d like to create and what parameters you used in your worldspawn. In general "light medium" is the choice for testing purposes only and the final compiles should work too (would be a pity if not Tongue). Though I recommend to use "xonotic default" for a semi final compile and "-dirtscale 2" for a release compile (when you want to make the map ready for packaging). The final compiles with "-bounce" are not recommendable for most of the maps as "-bounce 8" (the hell, 8 ?!?) makes it all waaaayyy too bright.

making a new compile profile thing worked ... thanks

(wrong topic hutty? Tongue )


(07-12-2012, 10:41 AM)rocknroll237 Wrote: Jusio? Y U NO PACKAGE MAP PROPERLY?!


There it is:

main post updated (go to the first page)

Main post and others with link also updated.

Here's whats changed:
  • Few brushes
  • Decals and details
  • Texturing and trimming
  • I made a huge mess in the main room (clipping included)
  • Ugly orange trims in the main room (don't watch them)
  • Texture alignment!
  • in one place lava somehow disapeared

That's a really nice floor texture in the last screenshot, but if I'd be a construction designer I'd never put anything like that on the floor as ppl would be tripping over all the time. Work safety first you know... ;-)
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Do not worry, Cyber Killer. Problem fixed!
Don't forget that the map ought to be old, dirty and destroyed. Judege these scrrens and tell me whet you think, people:

New lightning system and mega room:
[Image: 1.jpg] [Image: 2.jpg]
and this is warpzone (check this 'help' thingo out!) quad area
[Image: 43.jpg] [Image: 5.jpg]

PS: Also: When it comes to gameplay the map is quite big for duel. I think it would be very good for tdm (especially 2v2) but we will have to try it.

Keep it up man! It´s progressing quite good! Smile

Ok. peaolpe: I decided to make a few textures for my map. but the problem is that I do not know how rto make it works.

[Image: Starways_alpha.jpg] [Image: Starways_norm.jpg]

Its a text (as you see) and I want to make it half invisible (shaded)
Any advice?

PS: The higher is the right one and below is erm... dunno. Alpha?

You have to write a shader for your map called "map_spacedeath.shader" in the shader directory and add "map_spacedeath" to your shaderlist text file. Also put the two images into ".../data/textures/map_spacedeath/" and name them "decal01" and "decal01_alpha". Next have a look into the decals shaderfiles which already exist. Do some copy and paste magic, correct the paths of the textures, et voila, you´ve got a new custom decal! Big Grin

Blush Sorry.

I think I will teach you the magic of writing shaders the next time...

Now. Its all right. Its me who should feel sorry about that I can't learn doing that by myself.
Anyway: Back to the topic. I was working quite a lot on details and textures and here it is:

main post updated (go to the first page)

What's left to do:
  • Some clipping and detaling
  • few textures to place and prepare (my own shaders included)
  • More decals, trims?
  • ALSO: Have to make good lightning system for the map. Im figuring that out now

Do you guys and girls like how the main hall looks like? these tiles on the floor, pipes, etc?
If you noticed: there are few changes in layout. Cookie for those who guess where and what Wink

Haven't downloaded the pack but from the screenshots alone it looks generic to say the least. Though in my book strong gameplay always takes precedence in this case I would say this needs to have a consistent design plan with the idea you're going for.

If you want it be an abandoned disused base try to emulate what the base's purpose would have been and from there form an idea of what sort of things that base would have as a result.

Considering the number of sci fi horror films have been set in abandoned disused bases (alien, alien 2, the thing, event horizon) watch the films as a reference point for your own design. It might help for you to objectify more from a design point perspective.

This time I focused not only on visuals but mostly on clipping textures (so the player cannot be stopped by some panel thingos emerging from the wall and other stuff like that.

Danny: I made the map in a very specific style. Try last update (this post) and find out what it is. Anyway: I don't want to watch those films because I will have nightmares.

The map flow is flawless right now at this step. If you find any issues about the movement around the map (as well as the visual side ofcourse) - then please report it. I m trying to make the map as playable as is possible with current layout (I would rather not do more layout changes)

PS: SO much work has been done that I won't even try to list it Smile

Open up the zip file, order the pictures by name (descending) and start from the top:

1. Very nice idea here! I just doubt many people would risk coming here when all they got was a little bit of health/amour. Perhaps add more health and amour here?

2. Lighting is a bit flat here and the big blue tiles could have more detail. Adding computer panels or something would look cool.

3. I don't like the way there is a little step where the staircase connects to the platform at the bottom.

4. I'd prefer it if there were ramps leading up to the mega armour. Also, the floor here is too plain and repetitive.

5. I think you've overused the ugly green textures. They don't fit in with the general style of the map either.

6. Same point again.

7. I like the variation of textures on the floor here, but the last 4 textures on the right of this wall could vary a bit more.

8. Nice lighting and the amour shards fill in some empty space. Not sure about the ceiling textures though. They look too much like floor textures.

9. Looks brilliant!

10. Sparks flying about would look awesome here. You can hear the sound effects but you can't see anything moving.

11. The shadow is a bit rough here. The purple walls are too plain and the Xonotic logo could be fancier. Make it bolder I say.

Overall, I like the map and the flow.

Attached Files
.zip   Spacedeath map feedback (Size: 5.45 MB / Downloads: 2)

Good work Justin! Big Grin I didn't have the time to really try it that much so can't give any constructive feedback(yet).

EDIT: I don't like the green Drain texture's they doesn't fit in that well into the overal style of the map. Other than that I think it's quite ready! Big Grin

Rocknroll: Im greatfull for the feedback you gave me but I am afraid Im not sure which comment referes to which picture. Sad Could you please clarify it a bit (pictures does not have numbers from 0 to 11)

I will revmove 'ugly' green drain textures in the next update as required.

They're not ugly, just doesn't fit. Wink Btw gonna hard test your ctf map tonight, get ready for feedback! Big Grin

Quote:I am afraid Im not sure which comment referes to which picture.

Open up the zip file, then order the images by name so they are descending.

The first image I'm talking about is xonotic20120717194432-00, the last image I'm talking about is xonotic20120717194055-00.

I do this style of feedback so I don't have to upload the images to an image hosting site. Big Grin

Ok, I ve done some updates I was happily building the map, I launched the game, I connected properly and even saw a glipse of the map...... AND THE SUDDENLY:

FIELDS self (= entity 54), noise (=.noise), GLOBAL 9140
IFNOT GLOBAL 9140, statement 49277


Need ya help guys. Sad

EDIT: May it be caused by func_pointparticles I added to the map?

Just these two lines? Nothing more? There's got to be more.

You can dump the console into a file using condump crash.log, substitute crash.log with the file name you want. Copy the full error from that file (in your data directory) in here.

ok, it works now
EDIT: OK, I think I ve got it (this 'b' value)
thanks for ya help anyway!
EDIT2: I mage sparks but thhey are invisible Sad How to make sparks?
I ve read it has to do sth with .bgs and that is the key that failed during the compilation (there was no [map_name].bgs file in the maps folder. How to make one? I know that courtfun has.

" A BGM script is a .bgs file named like the map, in the maps directory. Its format is lines of the form
  <emitter class> <time since start of background music> <0 if the emitters are to be switched off, >0 and <=1 if they are to be switched on>
  smokers 4.7 1
  smokers 4.9 0
The lines MUST be sorted by emitter class as primary key, and by the time since start of the BGM as secondary key."

I still don't think that's the whole thing. If I remember it right, there is an actual description just above the block that you posted.

Ladies and mantelgen: I made some really cool things:

Stairs to the mega armor,
cool floor decals and effects,
lightning system,
reduced 'ugly' green textures Wink,
added some cool panels,
50 HP and some HP shards,
lava is fixed! (thanks Maddin, for pointing that out)
Still no sparks, my friends! sorry!Undecided

main post updated (go to the first page)

[Image: xonotic20120730093519-00.jpg] [Image: xonotic20120730093455-00.jpg]
[Image: xonotic20120730093512-00.jpg] [Image: xonotic20120730093551-00.jpg]

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