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Your history as a fps-player?

There were lots of patches, indeed. And none of my friends do have any problems with the game by the way. I still have some crashes now and then but that´s probably because of my crappy Windows system. Big Grin A lot crashes there. Tongue

kuniu the frogg Wrote:well, maybe i should install RO2 again to give it a second chance?
Definitely! And accept my request on Steam, I´m waiting for it for months now. Tongue Then we could also play some rounds of RO2.

(07-14-2012, 05:59 AM)Maddin Wrote: And accept my request on Steam, I´m waiting for it for months now. Tongue Then we could also play some rounds of RO2.

heh, my steam account says i was online for the last time over 100 days ago...
<Halogene> ok "n1" means "nice one"
<Halogene> "gl" means "good luck"
<Halogene> "fu" means "wow that was wickedly nice that frag"
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Quake series have been my absolute favorites, first FPS I ever played was Quake I and about as soon as they got published, kept swapping to Quake II, Quake III/Team Arena, Quake IV and with a little regret, even Quakewars. On the side I also played Unreal, Serious Sam, Counter Strike and Tribes series.

In recent years I've been playing lots of games like, Quake Live, Warsow, Nexuiz, Tremulous, Sauerbraten, Red Eclipse, UT3, Team Fortress 2, Legions Overdrive, Alien Arena, Open Arena and so on. I've come to conclusion that Quake Live and Xonotic are my top favorites, can't decide which is better because I play Quake Live the best with the fact that I have also played it the most. Xonotic in the other hand is just so god damn smooth, tricky, multidimensional and potential game. It has pretty much everything there should be in an arena shooter.

Okay, here's my story:

Back in the days when internet was quite slow (and not everyone had even internet!), I played FPS games mostly at private LAN parties (or alternatively SP vs. bots).
The first FPS I ever played was good ol' HL, and there's a funny story to it: We once had some summer fair at school once, where every class made up something to sell. Well, one of the classes above me decided to "sell" 10min of HL, 1on1 on 2 PCs over LAN, and it was awesome (lost quite an amount of money there ^^). Then my friends and me got more into computer gaming in general, and FPS was always something we liked. We played UT like freaks for some years, also some Serious Sam, but UT was our most loved one. Interestingly, we never ever played much Quake... I think we all fell for the pretty graphics in UT Wink.

Later we switched to UT2003 when it came out, and it replaced UT soon (although UT'03 always felt a bit "unfinished"). We also had much fun with Battlefield '42 then (especially with all the vehicles and such ... 1v1 on Wake, the good old times), and with Counterstrike 1.6, Jedi Knight III and some other nice MP shooters. Then we switched to UT2k4 when it came out, and basically stuck with it until we all finished school and our "LAN party club" broke down, since most of us still didn't have fast internet back then. I had also other things to attend, and therefore didn't play computer games very much after that, apart from some really nice ones in between, like Prey or Stalker SoC...

Well, until I really felt the need for some good ol' fragging and looked up Nexuiz (which I had heard of somewhere a few years back), found out that there's now Xonotic, and found it to be the perfect game for me - just some quick matches in between, no long developments etc. - and an awesome community on top! :-D
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IRC: #uc.xonotic #xonotic #xonotic.pickup

I started with Wolfenstein 3D then moved to Doom and particularly Doom ][, which kept me busy for years with just some time to try other games such as Heretic and Rise of the Triads.

Return to Castle Wolfenstein was the game that brought me to the next level of graphics, in fact after that I discovered the universe of the free FPSs mostly based on variants of that graphics engine. First I discovered Open Arena, which I still play, then a number of others including Nexuiz.

Later I discovered the Cube / Cube2 games playing mostly Sauerbraten and recently Red Eclipse.

When the Xonotic project was born I dumped Nexuiz and when Xonotic releases came out the game became one of my favourites.
Ciao Smile

I can't remember what the first FPS game I ever played was.

The first truly multiplayer FPS experience I had though was with Medal of Honor: Frontline on the Xbox. This is probably the most unrealistic WW2 shooter of all time, save for Wolfenstein and co. I won't forget that Christmas when a friend brought over his Xbox and we played a 4-player multiplayer match.

Then I played lots of Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory almost exclusively with the JayMod mod. I also play lots of tactical shooters. My favourite game of all time is Hidden & Dangerous 2.

I've only recently been introduced to arena shooters. First time with Nexuiz (2.50 or the one immediately before), actually, but I really started getting into them after some friends invited me to a LAN match of Quake III. Then I DDG'd Nexuiz over a year or two later and found out that it had forked into Xonotic. Since 0.5 I've been hooked. Smile

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