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nexuiz radiant mac

This may sound strange ... but ...

I have a little brother who wants to play xonotic ... however seeing as the only computer available to him is a Intel mac OSX 10.4 (tiger) ... so it cant run xonotic ... so we settled for the next best thing ... nexuiz Big Grin

Now that we have beaten the crap out of most of the default maps ... he wants to make is own (also because he sees me mapping all the time ...)

So I set out to find an older netradaint for mac ... however ... all the sites are dead

the alienTRAP wiki is down ... softpedia download is down ... everything is dead

where can I find netradiant for nexuiz for mac 10.4??

and no ... the mac is not getting upgraded to 10.5 or 10.6 or 10.7 or 10.8 ... ever

Doesn't NR git support Nexuiz as well as a whole bunch of other games? Or do you mean the current NR isn't compatible with 10.4?

Anyway, with git you have access to the whole history of the source code, and if you can set up a build environment on the mac you can compile an older version for it.

But that's the worst case scenario. Maybe somebody has a backup release for you.

It might be possible to recompile Xonotic to get it working on an older version of OSX. Not tried this and don't know anything about OSX support but maybe someone else does?

Any chance you could persuade him to dedicate some spare drive space to a Linux installation? Then he could get Xonotic up and running.
I'm at least a reasonably tolerable person to be around - Narcopic

its not a matter of hardrive space ... the mac has several linux virtual machines ... and is bootcamped with windows ... however ... even when on win xp xonotic runs too slow to play (mostly the animated mesh - processor bottle neck)

as for netradiant ... I wanted to try it on the native mac before doing anythig wierd (and its a pain to have to transfer files around to just to test the map ... the (linux virtual machines do not support 3d acceleration)

as for the netradiat git ?? where is that ... the site is dead ... and it doesn't show up on source forge

git is the version control system. It contains the netradiant source code in its current state as well as all the history since february 2006. Here's the gitweb and the clone url is git://

You can use Xonotics git to get NetRadiants source code.

My first thought was 'PPC' but rereading your post, junior is using an Intel Apple.
(07-25-2012, 08:12 PM)hutty Wrote: I have a little brother ... Intel mac OSX 10.4 (tiger)

Wasn't there a blog post from merlijn about not supporting older Apple Mac's?

I have all the Free Nexuiz# zips and I'm quite happy to extract the various NetRadiant bits. Although I can't do it for at least 6 hours.

Have you tried using the Nexuiz binary in the Xonotic dir, they're both DarkPlaces. It may have a different icon. It's been a few years since I compiled DP on a PPC Mac and I've forgotten most* of the details. You may need to edit the resource fork and change a path.

Or just use "git foo" and compile the latest NetRadiant binary for junior's Apple. I'm sure somebody has a 20 step guide Tongue

* all
# sorry MrBougo Tongue

i was browsing he old nexuiz ninjaz boards and found this

they list macradiant ... sounds interesting

Download the XCode package from Apple's website.

Assuming you got all dependencies:
git clone git://
cd xonotic
cd netradiant
cd install

Don't know if it's work, but I think it should. Smile

(07-27-2012, 11:10 AM)machine! Wrote: Download the XCode package from Apple's website.

Assuming you got all dependencies:
git clone git://
cd xonotic
cd netradiant
cd install

Don't know if it's work, but I think it should. Smile

No. Checking out xonotic.git is not necessary, and what you're doing there does not check out netradiant. The step that's missing in your instructions is a ./all update, but this would download gigabytes of unneeded data.

Do this:
git clone git://
cd netradiant
then read the file "COMPILING", which has specific instructions for Mac OS X.

Okey, I were just guessing, I knew he would need GCC and GIT so I gave it a google and found XCode, the rest was just a plane guess, sorry.

that actually sounds easy ... I already got xcode ... will try tomorrow ...

hopefully I won't have to do all the scarry mac voodoo stuff just to make it kinda work ...

Hutty, I urge you to read the contents of the COMPILE file here:;hb=HEAD

And I must insist that the commands suggested above my post are the wrong approach and will lead you to downloading two-ish gigabytes of data that you don't need, which will take up twice the disk space for nothing. Only clone the netradiant repository (see my post above) and then read COMPILING.

meh ... it says it needs lepord (OS X 10.5 or 10.6) ... so that wont work ... im on 10.4

Doesn't mean it will not work. And if NR used to work in 10.4, then you can compile from that point in time.

Please ask div about this, in PM or on IRC (#xonotic on if it doesn't work.

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