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DAMN, this game have changed...

Last time i saw Xonotic, it was something like git or yeah.

Now it has changed a lot while I was on a tour to the forbidden candy islands.

Better hope this game got extremely good music... for my headphones to bass out.

Oh yes, I was that troll who got perm banned from this community long time ago... with that awkward username.

I think I posted in the wrong section.

Awkward username heh? Was your birthday a couple weeks ago?

Anyway, welcome back. I hope you have changed as well Smile

musics good ... but theres not much of it Sad

The music is high quality, can't say I like the style though. You'll probably be happy with the music Wario! Wink

Welcome! Big Grin

And in case you don't like music, we have 2.5.2 pack to download.

well please don't troll again its not nice. welcome back if you not going to though.

Howdy. He have Mirio, Mario and now Wario!

Quote:we have 2.5.2 pack to download.

I've been using that as a replacement for quite some time now! I love the 'Breakdown Easy' track.

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