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Maybe replace Crylink with Arc and Machinegun with Crylink? Would be a nice experiment imo.

Also quick typo there, the link says "_v4" Tongue

Thank you!

Fixed typo... Tongue

The weapon switch seems interesting indeed. I´ll give it a try.

This map with arc would be awesome, I don't have the time to try it out but awesome you still work on it, one of my favourite maps! Smile

wow - very nice map now - imo plants fit perfect Big Grin

(02-01-2014, 06:15 PM)Maddin Wrote: The whole design of the map seems to be better without the plants, at least for me. The ground texture doesn´t really allow any usage of plants ....

no clue how you get on this idea Tongue

Anyway - warfare always was one of my fav maps in old nex times - but your new version beat all previous Cool

Thank you very much for yor work Heart

Map ist playable on (Prophets) Duel Sanctuary [InstaGib|Hook] & (Prophets) DeathMatch Temple [InstaGib|Hook]

Have Fun - GreetZ Su

Thank you very much! Big Grin

It seems like the Arc can´t be placed as a weapon yet because it is not a core weapon. The official post on the 0.8 release states that this will change with the next release. Or maybe there is a hidden method which is not officially mentioned?

Well you could for now just switch places between crylink and machinegun, SMB paris has a server setting where machinegun gets replaced by Arc automatically. We could playtest it there.

Release notes says that the arc is implemented as a mutator for now. I guess it depends of a server?
erebus minstanex erebus Angel

Right, it depends on the server. It is included in 0.8 but it isn't a default weapon yet. Test moar please!
asyyy^ | are you releated to chuck norris?


The current version of this map has a serious issue: Compiling on the autobuild server, which is done for every Xonotic map, the sunlighting is not rendered. This is bad.

I have no idea how to fix this at the moment, so I need your help on this! You will find the latest version of the map in the git repositories of Xonotic.

It is bothering me for quite some time though I didn´t had a chance to tinker with this, as I´m unable to install neither NetRadiant nor the git version of Xonotic. (This is due to dependency problems of the nvidia driver. I have a GTX960 but no official driver package is available yet for my distribution Debian.)

Additionally I noticed that in 0.8.1 the fog is missing, plus water reflections are disabled in the mapinfo file causing the teleporters to appear quite ugly. Why is that?

I can answer the last part: They are disabled cause when they're enabled you can see the skybox through it at some positions, but this should get fixed at some point.

Never saw the fog before, so no idea (compile issue too?)

Where are these positions? Do you mean the edges of the waving reflections? If so, that wouldn´t be such a dramatic issue, disabling it completely though looks even worse and was by far not my intention when using this effect. The reflections were the actual reason to place it there!

The fog is not that noticeable but essential to the atmosphere. Download the version of the map posted in this thread and have a look at it.


The fog is still set in the map, so it seems to be a compiling issue as well I guess?

Thanks for creating that issue! Smile

I have encountered another problem: The dotproduct shader doesn´t work either, meaning you won´t see any blending between rock and soil. May you add this?

See the issue, I´ve added an important comment.

Btw if you are able to work with NetRadiant in the future, I could push the files to a branch for you.
But I will take a look asap.

I have a running NetRadiant but I´m not able to work with Xonotic Git at the moment as I have to solve some nvidia driver problems (as mentioned in Post #84).

I plan to do some work on this the next week if I´m able to get my graphics driver set up the right way.

Btw did my branch of the map (maddin/map_warfare or something...) disappeared when it got merged? Or how does it work?

Yes, source branches are removed when merged to master. Just create a new one. Smile

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