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Silent Siege [Duel]

I proudly present you, friends my duel map called Silent Siege!

This project was started few weeks ago during the CTF map contest. Silentsiege is medium size dual map with emphasis on vertical cobats and tactical fights. Regardless its medium size and amount of areas its still quite fast map.

The current version is still beta. The map is design with the futurystic 'clean' and smooth style, many patches and warm lighting system also adds the feeling of an space base. The idea is similar to the project called Spacedeath but this time there is no background history, just pure designing. I was struggling with texture set for a long time and Im still not certain of current set. I hope you people will help me so we can together create something that everyone will be happily playing on.


[Image: xonotic20120914162313-00.jpg]

[Image: xonotic20120913220523-00.jpg]

[Image: xonotic20120913220546-00.jpg]

[Image: xonotic20120914162534-00.jpg]

The feedback I'm mostly interested in is:
  • layout
  • item placement
  • theme
  • colors
  • gameplay
  • feelings
Feedback about other stuff also always appreciated! Smile
Older version:
The older version has been removed, because it wasn't a duel map.

The map is avaliable on exile servers!

Wow, looks really nice! I'll test it tomorrow.

uploading to my server; will play some matches and post about it here.

Just played around with it for a while

It seems like the biggest problem is the size of the map + item distribution
It feels like one half (mg area) could go untouched for most of the game because there's nothing useful in it. Maybe scale remove parts?
It also feels like it takes to long to get around the map.

visual gripes:
It's really well textured, besides some minor problems and some things not making sense.
The area with the blue trim: why does it exist? It looks bad.
There's a jump pad overlapping a detail
Maybe replace the stairs on the nex area with just a beveled edge that's easy to climb?

You should wait with the final release till the upcoming duel mapping contest Smile

meh. Its my first real duel map. I want to gather as much feedback as I can. Anyway: Its not 'final' relase yet, Assy7um, its just a beta, right ? Wink

(08-26-2012, 06:03 PM)s1lencer Wrote: Just played around with it for a while

It seems like the biggest problem is the size of the map + item distribution
It feels like one half (mg area) could go untouched for most of the game because there's nothing useful in it. Maybe scale remove parts?
It also feels like it takes to long to get around the map.

Hmm, You suggest the map is too big? I scaled it down allready, I will reconsider all areas and remove the most useless.
What do you suggest in the MG room? Mabye mortar? some shards?
Could you please specify the 'item distribution' problem?
I will jump into server and try to play it with other players (not bots) Tongue

(08-26-2012, 04:32 PM)mudkip Wrote: uploading to my server; will play some matches and post about it here.

Thank you for uplading my map! Smile

I just have looked into .map file with Radiant 1.6

Don't use minlight - NEVER. It fakes lights, made level artificial. -bounce till you puke and if that not helps, work with adding additional lights

Use lightmap scale trick on this floors:

or here:
[Image: QkEgm.jpg]

Do you use detail brushes?

Do you clip map?

You can go much further with light painting

So i've tested it a bit more with bots
(keep in mind i am not a good duelist)

The time i tested it with galtath it felt way to difficult to anticipate his movement. Too many routes.
Sometimes we could chase each other around for several minutes before an encounter.

-I think the crylink route should be removed altogether. (also possibly the route above it) to make the map easier to control

-I think the area where the teleporter comes out is way to huge. It takes too long to traverse

-I think the MG should be replaced with electro, making it possible to spam the RL corridor

I also found a missing texture on the little electrical thingy

accompanying album:

currently it feels like it would be great for 5 player DM or 3v3 TDM

S1lencer! You read my mind with the crylink corridor idea! I removed it entirely and also changed a bit item placement(althoug teleporter still remains). I will try to scale down map a bit more (paaain! gaaaaaaaaa...) and will relase beta2 very soon. About the route above crylink: I added lava pit there to discourage players (instead of hole leading to crylink corrifor)Tongue. You will judge.

Missing texture problem fixed!

Majki! Its a beta of beta, it has no clipping yet! (I know: No excuse for not doing that, bla bla bla) Tongue I know I can light the map in a better way, Im currently working on that.

BTW, guys and girls: You like this idea of shards on the platforms above? Or is it bad? For duel ofc....

I have an idea of removing the small jumppad corrior behind the nexgun area, what you say?

In a proper duel nobody will every pick up that shards. Too complicate to get to. Tongue

Overall I can confirm that the size is the main problem here. Though I´m sure it may be very suitable for TDM.

The changes I described:
[Image: xonotic20120827225121-00.jpg] [Image: xonotic20120827225152-00.jpg]
[Image: xonotic20120827225203-00.jpg] [Image: xonotic20120827225229-00.jpg]

Maddin: This will not satisfy me. I want a duel map.

bottom 2 pics in your post are broken ....

I like the large amount of detail in your entry ways .... and the stripe decal things .... the map looks very bright Big Grin

it will be on the ps duel server in a hour or 2 ...

Okey, the map is scaled down and lacks of 2 corridors and one area. It's 'bot friendly' now: Bots run the map in circles Tongue

Mabye its a snow effect, hutty? Wink Did you check your brightness and contrast settings? I can ensure you that map is not too bright Tongue

will test.

(08-28-2012, 04:00 AM)Justin Wrote: I can ensure you that map is not too bright Tongue
As someone who tested this on default and max settings, i can corroborate this.

Edit: how do i play the map vs bots? do i put it in .xonotic/maps?

No, put the pk3 file in /home/blah/.xonotic/data/

then you create match from maplist or console and add bots in the create /add bots menu

Ty mr bougo & justin

Just played for about fifteen minutes vs bot and it's a huge improvement IMO. Much better pace and easier to anticipate enemy movement.

Edit: like seriously a million times better

Quote:Mabye its a snow effect, hutty? Did you check your brightness and contrast settings? I can ensure you that map is not too bright

? what ?

:: hutty scrolls up and reads the post above ...


I honestly dont remember typing that part about the map being bright ... must have been tired ...

I played several duels today and have to say: great map! Only thing that annoys me is the teleporter, should be easier to spot, but I told you that already on irc. Also, I see no problem with the size of the map. Allows a tactical approach in duels which isn't the case on most Xonotic 1on1 maps we have atm, so please don't make it smaller (i played your latest version for reference, not sure if you are planning on making it even smaller).. Again: nice map!

Duel map played by top duel players! Thats what I needed! I will fix the teleporter problem. About the size, fisume: I was thinking about scaling down the corridors (leading to the nex room and to the mega armor room) to make granades bouncing more possible and effective. Do you have any requests about item placement? TPWULN said that map needs more shards spread around everywhere... Also Halogene said that the megas platforms are very pesky (I will fix that too).
Also: Do you think it would be good to show players spawn positions somehow? (decals, effects, specific platforms...)

I was also thinking about placing a wall here:
[Image: xonotic20120829155954-00.jpg]
So the acces is only on the medium and button level.

You'll fix the mega armor/health platforms?


I probably ramp jumped over them without taking them probably a couple of times.

I also noticed that I often find myself bunny hopping OVER the rocket launcher without taking it, if others experience that too, it might be a good idea to move it just a tiny bit. I wouldn't have mentioned this if this happened only twice or so, but it was rather regularly that my bunny hops happened to conincidentally leave out the rocket launcher.

The gameplay I had on this map was rather fun (very vertical, I like that). I believe this could be a really much-loved duel map and should definitively be considered for inclusion as official. As told you in-game yesterday already, great work, Justin!
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I'm not sure if it needs more cells or not. I found only one, but there are also Crylink, Nex and Electro to get ammo. Could be a good feature actually, so people can't spam all the time.

[Image: xonotic20120829234707-00.jpg] [Image: xonotic20120829234800-00.jpg]

[Image: xonotic20120829234815-00.jpg]
  • The wall I had to put there to separate this huge area.
  • Some crazy details Im proud of.
  • Shards and the wall from the other side.

PS: Screeshots captured on 'normal' settings with coronas switched off.

Download? :O

light painting?

[Image: p17Zs.gif]

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