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Duel Mapping Contest (sponsored by Sapphire)

i think debug's map was the best of the bunch, on looks and gameplay

(12-10-2012, 03:13 PM)Cortez666 Wrote:
(12-09-2012, 09:33 AM)DarkSlayer Wrote: think it would be cool for runners up if they get some feedback on what is required for the map to go xonotic official, that would be really cool

i guess cityys map will win and go official
and the 2nd will be Justin whos map also can go offical if he pokes the right guys.

surely their is some guidelines as to what makes a map official and any map that meets thoughs coniditions can go official reguardless of how they placed in the competition

Results will be published right after the X-MAS FFA cup. Join #xonotic.mappingcontest for live results.

1. Fuse
2. Silentsiege
3. Fe26
4. Opium
5. Synthetic
6. Imprisoned
7. Solace
8. Pluvial
9. Metalmaze
10. Facility123
11. RAWK

You can find the judgements here.
"Final scores" summarize all the points - woky, Antibody and I added some comments to our judgement.
[Image: 21.png]
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Unfortunately, I couldn't make it to the anouncement on IRC last night and had to wait until this morning. I guess couldn't be happier with the results and I want to thank you guys for organizing this contest; mapping for xonotic is defenitely great fun and I am happy that this contest introduced me to it.
Also thanks to everyone who participated, I think the maps turned out really great. Last but not least, special thanks to sapphire for sponsoring the event!
I hope there are going to be more events like this in the future with even more entries than this time.

Happy holidays to all of you guys!

Congratulations cityy, Justin and monad! Big thanks to all mappers and especially the judges mirio, antibody, woky and zeroql for making this possible.

Thanks for hosting this it was a lot of fun! I have another new duel map in the works so expect to see a new thread soon for it.

Congratulations to everyone who participated, for sponsors, for organizers and the judges. I agree with cityy and foogs and most of all I agree with judges. Wink
That competition was great experience. For us - map creators it was an opportunity to improove map designing skills and imagination; and for everyone else in the community - players who can enjoy our maps having 11 extra maps in the game.
I was waiting for final judgment with relasing my next map (CTF this time). Will do so as soon as possible.

Special congrats for Cityy, amazing level designer from Germany!

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