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[SOLVED] Xonotic Server is not visible

Hey Guys i got a proplem with my xonotic server.
If i start a server it is only visible for peolpe who are connected to my lan. My UDP Ports are opened and my firewall is completely deactivated. For example i can run a minecraft server without any troubles.
what do i have to configure/start to solve this?
thanks for any help Smile

How do you start the server? If you do it from the Xonotic menu, that's a so-called "listen server" and it's only visible on LAN. If you want it to be visible on the internet, use the dedicated server (read the doc in server/readme.txt in your install directory) or set sv_public to 1 on a listen server (not recommended).

Make sure you really really have port 26000 forwarded and that sv_public is set to 1. Perhaps try to have someone connect to it directly by IP, or check its status with this url:
for example
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thx i did not know that if i start my server from the menu that it isnt public. i'll test it soon Smile

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