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[INVALID] Problem with the dedicated Server

Hey Guys I got a problem setting up my dedicated xonotic server on my windows computer.
I copied the "server_windows.bat" script to the main directory of the game and configurated and copied the "server.cfg" to the data folder of the game. Is this everything I need to do?
If I start the "server_windows.bat" script the server starts but there are several error messages like: "Invalid sound info line: //getflag sound/player/soldier/player/getflag 0"

Another message I mind about is that is says: "Server listening on adress" isn't that wrong?

The main reason why I post this thread is because I cannot find my server in the public server list.

Thanks for help !

For finding your server in the public server list, you need to set (in the server.cfg):

> sv_public 1 <

Furthermore you need to forward on your router port 26000 (udp) to allow connections pass through.

Quote:Another message I mind about is that is says: "Server listening on adress" isn't that wrong?
Nope, this isn't wrong.
[Image: Sigsig.jpg]

I've already set sv_public 1 in my server.cfg

What is the servers IP, maybe somebody with a compatible Xonotic could try and connect to it?

Yeah, give us the server's IP. Make sure that port 26000 is forwarded in UDP to the right local IP.

And the address is nothing to worry about if you use IPv4 and only have one network interface up, it just means that it's listening on the default interface I think.

Ok, the server is running and the ip must be (only today my ip is changing every day)

EDIT: I found out another thing: If i type in "connect <my local ip(>:26000 then the game connects to the server.

Is your server up? The IP exists and responds to ping. I'm pretty sure that port is firewalled. Triple-check your router, software and/or kernel firewall(s).

EDIT: And yeah, it's totally expected that it would show up on LAN. That doesn't mean software firewall isn't the reason, as firewalls in general can also check the source IP and be more permissive to LAN IPs.

Ok the connection problem is solved. I opended a tcp-port for the game too. But there is another big problem: I cannot configurate my server via server.cfg. The name of the server in the server list is: r3d0xXs Xonotic Server but in my server.cfg i named it Xonotix Fun Server (just for testing purposes) and I set the number of bot to 2. What could be the reason for this?

thanks for the help so far! Smile

EDIT: Ok I found out sth more: If I type "hostname test" in the server console then the server is called "test" in the server list. Where do the server safe this so i can configurate it?

Did you read the file server/readme.txt? It tells you that server.cfg must be in the data directory (the same directory as config.cfg usually).

I do not even got a "config.cfg" in my gamefolders WTF? ^^

You do have one, assuming that you have run the client without crashing at least once. It's not in the install directory, it's in the user account's personal directories. Type which config.cfg to see where that is.

You can also put server.cfg in the data directory inside the install directory of course.

Can you type which server.cfg in your server console and see if the contents of the files it indicates are indeed your server config?

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