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possible bug

apparently the masked player model loses its mask when looking at its own reflection ...

unless you are looking with binoculars .... (the zoom key)

.jpg   bugshot0001.jpg (Size: 74.62 KB / Downloads: 98)

.jpg   bugshot0002.jpg (Size: 52.06 KB / Downloads: 98)

kinda strange ....

xonotic 0.6


Hutty, if that happens with autobuilds, please make your bug reports on otherwise it will never get noticed and fixed.

Also give your graphics settings in the report, maybe.

Omg, they have faces?

Wait, you dont want to say that... player odels have faces? oh no! will never be able to kill them again!! I was so sinfull! should become a pacifist... and qa hippy as well.... just in case, you know?

MAYBE THIS HAMMENS BECOUSE OF layers of mesh being too close to each other?polygons i mean. When they are close to eachother layrs can be rendered incorectly.
[Image: 0_e8735_c58a251e_orig]

more investigation shows that it happens all the time when player is viewed third person ...

I believe it has to do with lod (i have it set to a very low detail)

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