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Quake's monsters in Xonotic

(10-28-2012, 05:36 AM)rafallus Wrote: Feedback:

IMO for starter those monsters need to be showed on more flat, spacious map. They get locked up on those tight maps and need to be lured one by one and on bridge map non-flying ones just fall to their doom.

And boy, do they do some crazy damage, they 2-3 shot you with crazy ROF and little room to dodge.

The plan was to make them too powerful to handle without some kind of protection (turrets).
The included maps are very basic for testing, hopefully we will have some real playing maps soon.
[Image: 230.png]

(10-27-2012, 11:23 PM)Mario Wrote:
(10-27-2012, 10:33 PM)HellYeah Wrote: Those team-color textures need to be redone: they're too blue/red (too saturated), and all over the monster. Best to pick out one or two areas on the texture to mask off with the texturename_shirt /_pants and make only those small areas colorable. Like a patch or a tatoo etc, or if the monster has clothes the parts of the clothes.

When will this be in git?
(if it's in git it's in autobuild btw, git is always first)

Have you asked for commit?

The monsters don't have proper textures yet. This will be fixed when (if) they are remodeled.

They're unlikely to be remodeled. Take the gpl textures and make some pants and shirt masks for them, just a few splashes here and there.

Honestly, xonotic doesn't have much of a remodeling community so don't count on that happening within the next year or 2. If someone does remodel it will take them 6 months per model.

Please just get these in git, have you talked to the devs?

Strong monsters are a plus, makes it actually challenging and therefore fun.
When this in git?

The textures are actually part of the model, so making pants for them is impossible without retexturing as well.
I have not talked to any devs yet, but I plan to after fixing a few small problems with the monsters (e.g. fish drowning).
[Image: 230.png]

(10-29-2012, 03:01 AM)Mario Wrote: The textures are actually part of the model, so making pants for them is impossible without retexturing as well.
I have not talked to any devs yet, but I plan to after fixing a few small problems with the monsters (e.g. fish drowning).

I just think you should commit this stuff to git.

Are the textures packed in the model source or are they seperate .tga/.png/.jpg?
If the latter than pants and shirt color masks are easy to make.
If you commit these I'll probably take some time maybe to make some for some of them.
Please talk to the devs!

A similar campaign as in Quake would be really great for Xonotic imo, because it's simple.

No complicated dialogues, no annoying cut-scenes, one primary objective: finding the entrance to the next map. Secondary objectives: kill all monsters, find all items, find all secrets.

The thing that made Quake so special for me was the mood, it had something very special I haven't ever seen again in today's games. Look at episode 4 from the single player for example, it seriously contains the strangest environments you can imagine, and yet it all feels like one big adventure.

I was really satisfied when I finished that game Big Grin

But yeah, sure it can be better, but if there will be ever a single player campaign in Xonotic, I think it should be kept simple just like in the old days of Quake and Doom.
[Image: 4766.png]
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The day we see the commit message in git will be a happy day. From experiance in mapping for the original unreal, I can say that adding a monster here and there even to a DM map really adds fun and atmosphere. Imagine walking and the other players activate a trap and suddenly you're both dropped into a pit with a titan! Now your biggest problem isn't eachother anymore, you team up to fight the bigger threat.

Damn, I'm the last to comment, it looks like this is going into hibernation.

Mario: can you tell us how to intergrate this code into our git repos since it isn't going into git master anytime soon sadly.? Please?

Git clone this into your data directory & read included instructions:

[Image: 230.png]

The monsters are on their own Git branch now, you can test them locally with this command: ./all checkout mario/monsters

Also included a server package in the OP for those who want to test monsters on their server.
[Image: 230.png]


I am attempting to checkout the git branch and build as has been said, but don't seem to find any monsters on the maps you have provided?

Perhaps I am doing something wrong?

The proper branch name is Mario/monsters
Apparently, you need to capitalize the M.
[Image: 230.png]

Brilliant. Works perfectly. How does one place monster spawn points in Radiant? Do I have to compile the version in the GIT? Also, how do I control respawn times. Struggling to find general information on this. Thankyou.

The monsters aren't in the default Radiant entities.ent, so you would have to find out their spawn names (a full list can be found here) & add them manually in Radiant (you can do this by right clicking, selecting a random entity (one of the ammo items works well) & changing its classname in the entity edit menu, found by pressing N).

You can change their re-spawn time in Radiant by adding a new key respawntime with the value you want in the entity edit menu.
[Image: 230.png]

Sorry to bump this thread, but I'm hoping Mario or someone can answer this question.

As we know the excellent monsters branch is in GIT now. However I can only get zombies to work - and the zombie always gets back up. How to control this?


The invasion gamemode defaults to zombies only (controllable with g_invasion_zombies_only cvar).

Keep shooting the zombie's corpse until it gibs, this is the only way to stop zombies getting back up.
[Image: 230.png]

Thanks for the reply Mario.

Is this idea still alive? Anything I could help testing? Big Grin
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