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Prophets Server

Hi & hello folks Big Grin

The Prophets Clan hosting at the moment three Xonotic server.
Because we are a Minsta Clan the servers are pure minsta - two Duel server and one DM/Duel votable server ... Smile

Here they are:

1on1 Sanctuary -- hosted by Zypresse
Minsta/Hook - 1on1 Server - 2 Players - 10 Spectators

Duel Sanctuary -- hosted by Su
Minsta/Hook - 1on1 Server - 2 Players - 10 Spectators

DeathMatch Temple -- hosted by Su
Minsta/Hook - votable DM/Duel/TDM - up to 10 Players - 2 Spectators

On my servers because of old prophets maps a texture file is needed who is shipped by connecting the server.
For all who are to lazy to wait till the game starts here.s a download link where to get it: textures-v2
just drop it into your /data/dlcache folder

For all suggestions, compliment & censure feel free to post here or on: Prophets Forum

GreetZ Su

Cool, where are you based?

I'd really like to see more UK servers.

sry - but I.m a ugly german ... Blush

GreetZ Su

Yes, both are located in germany. In Berlin to be precise Smile

Well actually I like German servers because the ping is good. Smile

... so I hope to see you soon - very welcome to test Big Grin

GreetZ Su

.... now running a cts server too:
(Prophets) Runaway from Divination [XDeFrag]

Hope you have fun .... BlushAngel

GreetZ Su

Nice one! Smile

... like everybody noticed antibody enabled support for XDF (Xonotic DeFrag) server last hours ... Big Grin

Now (Prophets) Runaway from Divination [XDeFrag] is shown on XonStats too Exclamation

Have Fun Big Grin

GreetZ Su

Doesn't it illegally violate Microsoft copyright by using MSN chat sound?

What does? :o

... meanwhile there a hundreds of maps on xdf-server - but not all work well ... Tongue

Would be nice - when you find a map who dosn.t work or causes a server shutdown - if you make a report on

Thanks for your effort

GreetZ Su

hi folks,

the (Prophets) Xonotic Server now moved to a new root server.

For more informations just take a look here:

GreetZ Su

hi peepZ,

atm I.m working kinda dual way =)

Prophets XDF server "Runaway from Divination" now updated to xonotic version v0.7.0-13-g4122acc
Prophets Minsta servers "Duel Sanctuary" & "DeathMatch Temple" still on xonotic version v0.6.0-1378-g9494670

For more informations take a look here: Prophets Server

Hope you have fun ...

GreetZ Su

The Prophets gameservers will be offline on Saturday 01-04-2014 Tongue

For moar informations take a look >> here

+++ Edit +++

Server back

GreetZ Su

(Prophets) DeathMatch Temple [InstaGib|Hook]
(Prophets) Runaway from Divination [XDeFrag]

Server now updated to 0.8.0autobuild for tryout.
If you notice any issues please report here.

(Prophets) Duel Sanctuary [InstaGib|Hook] still on version 0.6.0 - best for duel seems to me.

Have Fun - GreetZ Su

all servers now updated to 0.8.1autobuild version

For moar informations take a look >> here

Have Fun - GreetZ Su

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