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What you can do, or are willing to do to contribute

For your "paused" model you could try IQM - its has a better workflow from blender->ingame then .zym/dpm, also its what the new player models in the works (umbra, pyria, ignis) use. Go find DiaboliK if you get issues, he knows how to work it (if hes grumpy just give him a nice big dopefish)

I am working on making weapon models, and helping tZork with animations in blender. I am also working on a texture pack.
Master of mysterious geometries

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Oi I'm not grumpy!

And yes Taiyo you can ask for help anytime you want.

If you need help with rendering development (e.g. adding any effects or rendering utilities / features), I may be of use. As of yet, I haven't contributed in any shape or form, so please send me a PM with regard to what might be needed and who's currently working on this if you can use me in some way.

If not that, I may be interested in working on the engine directly (physics? AI?) if such is needed.

Im pritty good at music i know my way around a daw, would like to try map making if someone could point me in the right direction?

i can provide sexual relief......

through music!

lol Smile



I'm a music composer and sound designer. Since there seem to be quite a few people out there already working on music for the game, I'm focusing my efforts on making sounds. I work a full time job so my progress has been slow, but I hope to get the first sound pack out before Christmas. It'll have mostly utility sounds (item pick ups, hit indication, etc), but maybe a possible replacement for the current announcer.
~D W
Composer and Sound Designer.
Find my work on SoundCloud and FreeSound.

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