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Good Server Machines?

I was thinking about setting my own permanent server machine to host a sever about Mario's monsters amongst other things,
but I am not sure of what kind of computing device I should get.
Biggest reason being I am not sure how powerful a machine needs to be in order to act as a server for Xonotic.

So you guys have any good suggestions as to what machines I could get that could serve this role.
I was thinking it being something like this, but I was wondering was there anything better suited?

They are selling this without providing information on the CPU???

Quote:We work with CompuLab on the fit-PC3 to make sure the software tightly fits the hardware and to provide a high level of integration. Not only does the fit-PC3 run Linux Mint, the fit-PC3 basic and pro models are now also available with Linux Mint branding under the name “mintBox”.

So here are more complete specs:

I see.
Do you know if there is anything cheaper that could work as a server,
or are those the kind of specs I would need in order to run a server for Xonotic?

I have no idea. I know full-fledged servers sometimes have trouble handling the CPU load, so I wouldn't count on a nettop to host games. But that's just my opinion, and it's ill-informed.

Do a custom build.
That's all there is too it.

also, you shouldn't by the mintbox for one simple reason: clem used GLXgears as a benchmark Tongue

Without knowing more about the game type/s you intended to host, its very hard to give any meaningful advice. A 1v1 server would likely work on a rather small machine while a 16v16 vehicles-monsters-etc would need a server not yet invented.

I was thinking of hosting something along the lines of what Mario has in mind as a Zombie server.
It would be LMS with zombies added to the mix. I would probably want at least 12 people because that way team LMS would be possible if people wanted it.

(11-06-2012, 01:11 PM)Squigger Wrote: I was thinking of hosting something along the lines of what Mario has in mind as a Zombie server.
It would be LMS with zombies added to the mix. I would probably want at least 12 people because that way team LMS would be possible if people wanted it.

Yes! Go for it mate, I'd love to see more servers with zombies!

I'd recommend a custom build.

For the ~500 USD you'd spend on the mintBox you can build a reasonably powerful machine
[Image: 2386.png] Professional noob...
Paradox Space...

I'm building a VERY powerful machine for 600$, for 500$ you can build a very good server (at least in Sweden).

I see, what websites are good for showing how to make custom servers? Any Suggestions?

You'll have to ask mario about the necessary specs to run a zombie server, and tailor your build accordingly(components, fans, ram, etc...).
i'd imagine that you need a moderate CPU, probably no more than 8 gigs of memory, and probably not a very large HDD (unless you want to use the server for more than just xonotic.). You shouldn't need a detected graphics card.

It's also worth looking into what kind of networking hardware you may have to buy as well.
Also, you will need either a static IP adress (many ISPs charge extra for this) or you can sign up for dynamic DNS (usually free for basic service)

For building your computer Newegg has made a really great tutorial series.

If your going to build: (and your just / mainly going to use it for Xonotic) your #1 prio is as high as possible single thread performance. That likely means sth like a well cooled and overclocked Intel i5 (k flavor) CPU . For ram id say 4gb is plenty (again assuming you will just run 1-2 xono servers on it). add storage of your liking, a psu and perhaps a chassi and you have a very potent Xonotic server.

Thanks guys, I appreciate the help Big Grin

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