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Poll: Vote for map, try all maps before voting. :)
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Bad Space Map - machine
1 8.33%
ctxdm3 - cityy
3 25.00%
fgsspeedmapcomp - foogs
0 0%
Space Apple - Justin
4 33.33%
Spaced - hutty
0 0%
Speed - forseti
3 25.00%
Orbital - Freefang
1 8.33%
mndspace - mnd
0 0%
Total 12 vote(s) 100%
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Could you be more precise here? What maps will be made? any other limitations? Like brushes used?

I can't say precisely, since then someone could start mapping before the contest. Wink

[Image: 3RR4Gk75TBzRbQ1C1ara17]

yay ...

wait ...
how will judging work?
seeing as I am in the PS clan ... can I participate?

Publci vote, sorry for not including ib first post! Smile

If I find time I will join this; will probably be streaming it too. Smile

Cool, I hope to see you there! Smile

Yes, you can participate. Smile

2 hours... Dont think i will be able to do anythig worthwhile, but i shall try...

Just two questions:
1. 18.00 GMT?
2. In case if you win, can you not take the prize? i just...
[Image: 0_e8735_c58a251e_orig]

1. 18:00 Central European Time
2. Not sure what you mean, the winner will recieve a code and a download link of the game.

If I say 'yes. I want to participate' will I be able to withdraw when the contests starts (for example: because I don't like the theme or rules)?

No, you will be put in jail until you die.

Okey, but it would be boring if everyone just left due to the theme, I don't think you guys will dislike the theme though, it's perfect for speed mapping! Wink

Contest is starting soon, 18:00 CET, hope to see you there! Smile

Well done everybody. Good luck to all participants! That was real fun, making map so quickly, many layout and visual decisions was made so fast. Its hard to believe that so good maps were created in only 2 hours

I personally don't think ANY of the maps are playable. But it was a fun competition anyway.

Thanks everyone who participated! Smile It was a lot of fun.

I would like to point out few things:

Big thanks to Cityy for great friendship - offering mappers help and voting on my map (very decent thing to do). Cityy, your map is absolutely stunning (considering only 2 hours time limit).

As fas as the voting is over and contest has finished I want to say that my vote came to Freefang's map: 'Orbital'. The map with amazing idea and outstanding layout (I don't care about visual side, there wasn't enough time for that.) I would like Freefang to finish it and relese as offical one, it definitely desearves it.

I would disagree with foogs. Maps are not very bad to play. They just need 'polishing'. Smile

Rest maps seems cool, well done all participants!
Good job, Machine! You organized contest and made a map on your own! O_o

New version of my map Wink:

2 hours? Wow.

I would probably only be able to make a couple of small rooms in that time! Tongue

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