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(12-23-2012, 05:23 PM)machine! Wrote: Well I think "Ubuntu Conspiracy" sound less anti-Canonical since I'm being little bit sarcastic.

Chaining two words together in text does not make anything sound sarcastic unless it is an oxymoron. Remember that when you write something there is much less meaning in the words than when you say them but the possible damage is much greater. You should be careful calling something a conspiracy like that as you don't know how it might snowball.

To add something to the Super Meat Boy controversy, it was added to the Humble Indie Bundle V 5 days after the initial release of the bundle. This is just an obvious way to get confusion over rights. Canonical may have already sought approval with every other group involved and this has been skipped on the late inclusion of Super Meat Boy being unknown.

As for them not being paid, when did the producers of Super Meat Boy get in touch with Canonical and how? They can't expect to be paid over night, 2 months is what you generally expect for an invoice to be paid and that's once there has already been a figure agreed and terms laid out.

Right now this 'Indie' (I hate that term) have to a certain extent shot themselves in the foot by not wanting their newer games put in Ubuntu. They should have approached it by trying to strengthen their ties with Ubuntu to get the money paid, rather than the other way round.
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I think that by keeping down usage shares of desktop linux the Illuminati can hide the fact that the linux kernel was built with the intention to be used to fake terrorist attacks. Steve Job's wasn't joking about "all-out thermonuclear war" and there's a clause in apples EULA that prevents the usage of apple software for the manufacture of nuclear weapons, but they may just be able to eliminate the reptilians if they use open source technology...

edit: Further proof of illuminati involvement. : Mark Shuttleworth has been involved in faking the moon landing, just look at him in """""zero gravity""""""
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